Someone: Nobody cares about surprised Pikachu anymore, making variants is a waste of effort.

Decided to draw a Pikachu that has all of the traits my child brain associates with it! The pika that exists in my heart... A mishmash of inconsistent canon art, half-remembered sprites, and... probably more than a few Beckett Pokemon Collector covers.

I enjoyed putting these together, so I hope to have then at more conventions in the future!

A little bundle I put together for SF Zinefest last weekend! Each Adopt-a-Ghost set comes with a mini-zine about ghosts and a unique, hand-drawn art card featuring your new spooky friend!

Poster I threw together for a queer, body-positive pool party some friends of mine ran last weekend!

✨Transformed! Update - Ch 5 Pg 16✨

this week: ...H-hewwo???

Transformed! is a wild, trans magical boy adventure! Read from the beginning:

I'm posting this weeks entire Transformed! page here, because... honestly I just think it's a real nice page?

But HEY: transmasc magical boy comic! Read it all at !!!

Hey, want some art? GREAT NEWS! You can hire me to MAKE you art! I'll draw your OCs, your sonas, your pets... and I'll make them look REALLY good! Prices start at just $15 for a clean sketch! DM me to order, or see more info at


Fifteenth, Rejuvenescencia's Samson!

And with that I'm all caught up! No more posting these in chunks. Yaaaay.

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