Dreamily browsing my favourite carnivorous plant website and I think I just found the plot for my next comic

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Second piece of concept art done for my partner's board game characters. They're a beautiful, chivalrous nonbinary knight! Or, as I like to call them... An enbyshie >:D

This is some concept art I did for a board game character my partner was developing! Goldie, Lord of the Lake.

My partner joked that a villain in Slayers looked like a sonic character and well... Long story short, meet Tails But Bad. I regret nothing.


More ripe tomatoes means more pizza! Tonight: Pizza Margherita w/lemon zest / BBQ Chicken Pizza w/thai basil


Pizza... again! This time with some purple basil for colour variation. Super tasty!


Trying my hand at pickled green tomatoes!

Birdsite, TERF apologists, artists 

Hey so: fuck Kyle T. Webster

Cw: Weird eyeballs, I guess body horror maybe? 

Some tiny watercolour paintings I did a little while back!


Okay, I know "quarantine baking" has become a cliche but to be fair I'm partnered to a literal professional artisan bread baker! We never make bread because they bring multiple pounds of it home from work every day, but they're not working right now so I'm taking my chance!!

50/50 whole wheat and mystery white flour

Kitaro sporting some Peak Queer Fashion way ahead of the curve

Still can't find a ref for the Cats mice, so I doodled myself as a charming Miyazaki rat instead

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