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✨Transformed! Update - Ch 5 Pg 7✨

Today on Transformed!: Could you maybe just listen for like one second???

Read from the beginning:

Some telegram stickers commissioned by @leafnoodle! I'm open to do more of these if anyone wants some of their own - I'm thinking $15/sticker or $100 for ten?


✨Transformed! Update - Ch 5 Pg 6✨

Today on Transformed!: Nothing weird here! Just looking for some magic books! Totally normal!

Read from the beginning:

New Painting - "Adrift", watercolour w/acrylic hilights.

This piece started off as just wanting to do something aestheticy, but over the course of it I realised it actually held a lot of personal meaning to me. Getting top surgery was my goal for so long that now that I've done it I feel kind of... lost. Post-surgery, I have no clear destination to work towards and that's really scary.

But the view is so very, very beautiful. ✨🌌

Ice cream portrait commission for @limni! Slots are still open, get your own for just $30!

I'm opening up commissions for the summer - including Ice Cream portraits back at their normal price of $30! DM me to order or get a quote, or check out my commissions page at:

Started playing around in blender for the first time, and after about a day of tooling around I've made a 3d ref of Kay's ring! :0 I can drop it right on my canvas in clip while I'm working!

I've been meaning to do this for a long while and finally had the time - I've updated all of my pride stickers to include the community lesbian flag! 🏳️‍🌈✨

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