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I want to spread my comic around so lots of people read it, but I'm also mortified at the thought of anyone Looking At It. Oops.

@irisjaycomics 『Weird Al』, which allows me to moderately rewrite reality by replacing things with other things that sound similar - the more my parody slaps the more the stand is able to alter things. Western audiences would know it as 『Odd Albert』

I'm posting this weeks entire Transformed! page here, because... honestly I just think it's a real nice page?

But HEY: transmasc magical boy comic! Read it all at !!!

Hey, want some art? GREAT NEWS! You can hire me to MAKE you art! I'll draw your OCs, your sonas, your pets... and I'll make them look REALLY good! Prices start at just $15 for a clean sketch! DM me to order, or see more info at


clean furry art, ice cream 

I'm opening up commissions for the summer - including Ice Cream portraits back at their normal price of $30! DM me to order or get a quote, or check out my commissions page at:

pride???? heck yeah!!!!
(comes in gay, lesbian, bi, trans, pan, ace, genderqueer, and nonbinary)

Fifteenth, Rejuvenescencia's Samson!

And with that I'm all caught up! No more posting these in chunks. Yaaaay.

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