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✨Transformed! Update - Ch 5 Pg 7✨

Today on Transformed!: Could you maybe just listen for like one second???

Read from the beginning:

It's hard to photograph, but the hair and stretch marks are done in metallics and the overall effect is quite nice in person.

Some telegram stickers commissioned by @leafnoodle! I'm open to do more of these if anyone wants some of their own - I'm thinking $15/sticker or $100 for ten?


✨Transformed! Update - Ch 5 Pg 6✨

Today on Transformed!: Nothing weird here! Just looking for some magic books! Totally normal!

Read from the beginning:

New Painting - "Adrift", watercolour w/acrylic hilights.

This piece started off as just wanting to do something aestheticy, but over the course of it I realised it actually held a lot of personal meaning to me. Getting top surgery was my goal for so long that now that I've done it I feel kind of... lost. Post-surgery, I have no clear destination to work towards and that's really scary.

But the view is so very, very beautiful. ✨🌌

Ice cream portrait commission for @limni! Slots are still open, get your own for just $30!

a thing i see people doing sometimes is stereotyping bigots as ugly, unintelligent, etc, and there are two reasons i think we should avoid doing that

1. it splash damages onto people who also fall into those categories. saying ‘haha, person X is racist, they probably have a tiny dick’ only works if you’re implying that having a tiny dick is bad, and that’s body-shaming even if you’re being Woke about it
2. it sets up the contrapositive: if bigoted people are ugly and unintelligent, then smart or attractive people can’t be bigoted. and that’s obviously false and a dangerous thing to believe.

I'm opening up commissions for the summer - including Ice Cream portraits back at their normal price of $30! DM me to order or get a quote, or check out my commissions page at:

I don't usually go to SF pride because it's so Big and Loud, but I'm missing my local pride event today for health reasons so I'm reeaaallllyy tempted to make it up with The Big One

I currently have a 12-page comic in the science fiction-themed volume of Bear Company, kickstarting right now! Go check it out and help it reach its goal!

Started playing around in blender for the first time, and after about a day of tooling around I've made a 3d ref of Kay's ring! :0 I can drop it right on my canvas in clip while I'm working!

who's up for some simple scribble , something basic like the attached.

i'm willin to give anything a shot! $5-10 depending on complexity or discussion (i do couples!)

My comics printer told me that my files are slightly low res and that they recommend 300 dpi, but......... my files ARE 300 dpi.............

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