This, just keeps getting intense and beautiful! 🍂

Design Credits: @gupta_smile @kindavishal

Wow! We thought meetups couldn't get more brighter! We were wrong!💯
All we see here, are smiles 😍✨
Thank you so much for this! We're certainly creating the best memories 💖

Always wanted to learn something but couldn't? We want to know what you want to learn! Drop your ideas here!

git commit -m "It worked yesterday" isn't really a great commit message!🤭
Join us to learn about Git, @GitHub and @mozilla_l10n by none other than @kindavishal and @sanjuu_sanjna!😍
Also we're adding bonus contents from our next Meetup!🎉

Yesterday was the best day we had and we can't thank enough to all of you who joined us💖 You know what the size of your audience doesn't matter at all, What's important is that your audience is listening. We have never seen such an audience before in any of out meetups!BEST audience ever! 😍

, who are making an effort to make a difference, leaving behind all the norms of the Society, We respect You💖

This Valentine's day, let Open Source be your bae, be assured that you will not get betrayed again.💖
Learn how you can contribute to Open Source with us!

Spark a movement, a loud voice, a breeding ground for new ideas, a massive force, a deep talent pool, that powers the open web to new heights.
So all the amazing folks from Punjab, Come and join us...
Build an amazing Campus Club with Mozilla Punjab😎
Applications open:

Gear up Students of Punjab! We've got some amazing news coming for y'all!🎁
Keep a close eye!😉

Can we get similar analogy of around what percent of data surveillance is done by ?

GAFAM = Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft.

/cc @aral

Hey Folks....
Anyone from Punjab or India???
Reply to this toot....

Reminder: Net neutrality is absolutely fundamental for free speech, innovation, competition, and choice online. And as long as needs saving, we'll be out here fighting for it.

Follow the @mozilla vs FCC court arguments live here: tweeted by @Firefox

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