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Sometimes it feels like an inescapable nightmare.

Yet anxiety and depression keep me chained to my bed, unable to move.

Going days without meaningful human interaction.

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strength 1
dexterity 2
constitution 1
intelligence 1
wisdom 3
candles 75
charisma 1

someone who is good at d&d please help me redistribute this. my character is dying in a well-lit cave

But yeah, so my interviewer yesterday knew me from all the organization work I do with Glamazon (amazons lgbt group). I apparently helped her get her pride funding

I’ve given and been in many interviews in my life. That one yesterday? Was the first time I’ve ever cried after. Was really amazing. Feel good about it

Oooof what a day.

If you were ever curious what would happen if you accidentally gave yourself an intramuscular shot intravenously? Ask me sometime. Not fun. Def a theme park ride I’d recommend skipping.

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If this toot gets ten boosts, I'll share my poem about going down on menstruating vaginas, entitled, "Are You There God? It's Me, Mordecai"

My heart goes out to those gamers. How horrible. 😿

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I really don’t care about your politics, if you have a soul it can’t be acceptable that these shootings keep happening. And we need to have a solution to keep them from happening that doesn’t put even more people in harm’s way than are already there just by existing.

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