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I made my first director tribute in 3 years. To celebrate the upcoming HALLOWEEN film coming out, here is my tribute to John Carpenter. vimeo.com/293755766

I've got such a huge dvd/bluray collection that I seem to have reached the point where I look at what I have and get surprised when I see a film I completely forget I have.

It's my sad duty to inform you all that the trailer for the upcoming Tim Burton adaptation of DUMBO was not played before the original.

Throwback to this glorious piece of art I made 5 years ago based on a dream.

I watched DUMBO this morning at the cinemas for the first time. Twas quite a nice experience.

Hi. I'm back. I should stay here instead of the other place more often.

Rewatched SPLIT. Still gloriously disturbing.

The new Paul Thomas Anderson joint is getting a Kwezbuz release date. So that means it'll be about February/March for it to come out in Australia. If we're lucky.

Another selfie that will cause no repercussions whatsoever.

Just learned the twist of the Rupert Sanders joint GHOST IN THE SHELL.

......Oh boy.

I've been so focused on FARGO s3 coming out that I keep forgetting that BETTER CALL SAUL s3 will begin airing earlier.

LOGAN LUCKY releases in under 5 months. I think a trailer should come out soon.

A CURE FOR WELLNESS lasted only 2 weeks in my town. It's gone now. Glad I caught it when it was here.

ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING is on iTunes. Downloading now. I've heard great things and I loved the album SKELETON TREE.

Interesting timing. The moment I want to play RESIDENT EVIL games, there's a sale on the US PSN store.

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