@MrHodl @mattodell i think OP meant it in terms of me being the founder / developer rather than in practical terms


@Gargron @mattodell Ha! Nice to meet you. So... any chance you're willing to accept bitcoin for this? masto.host/pricing/

@MrHodl yep, bitcoins are welcome but can't do monthly. Email me info@masto.host and we can surely find a way to make it work :) @Gargron @mattodell

@MrHodl @Gargron @mattodell @NicolasDorier would love a service that worked with crypto for recurring payments.

@MrHodl Thanks, I need to find time to look into it and understand how the recurring payments work.
C/C @NicolasDorier

@hugo @NicolasDorier

I think @bitcoinshirt can probably help as well. I know he's been using it for awhile.

@MrHodl @hugo @NicolasDorier Sure, I am currently just writing a tutorial on how to launch a website and implement BTCPay. It really depends on the platform you're using, but as Nicolas said, subscription based payments are not possible.

@bitcoinshirt @MrHodl @NicolasDorier Thanks a lot for your answers, this avoided me going "down the rabbit hole" of trying to make it work :)
I have a basic understanding of crypto and think recurring payments would be a killer application but the only way I can think of making it work would be to use multisig with recurring dates (not sure if that is even possible) or ethereum contracts to allow one sig to take out money at specific dates unless cancelled. It's an idea

@hugo @bitcoinshirt @NicolasDorier Why is reoccurring payments important? Why not let the user pay manually?

@MrHodl @bitcoinshirt @NicolasDorier Manual repayments are a pain for everyone. They are a lot harder to manage to the person that receives and annoying to do every repayment for the user.
Then people forget, do it later, service gets interrupted because of no payment, I believe it would end up as a big mess (emails back and forward).
From my experience MOST people hate anything that gives them the slightest bit or work, at least I do :P

@hugo @bitcoinshirt @MrHodl why not just prepaid, refundable account? Granted, the user would trust the vendor for certain amount, but he does anyway with the credit card.

@NicolasDorier @hugo @bitcoinshirt there has to be a way. I want to buy hosting but can only do so with bitcoin.

@MrHodl @NicolasDorier @bitcoinshirt I already have people that pay me with crypto but they pay for 3 months or 6 months at a time. So, that is what I have been doing so far but is not ideal.

@hugo @MrHodl @bitcoinshirt Not talking about paying in advance, but more about "filling the
account". Where you keep the balance of the customer in your database, and allow reimbursement.

@hugo @MrHodl @bitcoinshirt I am asking. Because I might be able to code such accounting system integrated to BTCPay if you think it can be interesting.

@NicolasDorier @MrHodl @bitcoinshirt that sure is interesting but can the user remove the money from the account in case he wants to cancel the subscription or only I have access to reimburse the money?

@hugo @MrHodl @bitcoinshirt yes, the idea would be that he would be able to "ask for withdraw", then it would automatically send back the money to him. (Given that you hold enough BTC in reserve)

If not enough in reserve, it would notify you.

@NicolasDorier @MrHodl @bitcoinshirt well that sounds really useful.
Is there any chance that you could make this endless and the user keeps funding if it wants to continue or does it have a set number of payments/time that needs to be set upfront. Plus the user need to have the full amount for all the months subscribed upfront, right?

@hugo @MrHodl @bitcoinshirt Basically says the user deposit 1 BTC on his account, your subscription is 0.1 per month. (assuming USD/BTC fixed rate)

You withdraw automatically 0.1 every month from his account. If at the 6 months he wants to stop, he can withdraw the remaining 0.4 BTC.

But if he wants to continue for at least one year, he would deposit 0.8 BTC.

You may scam him and take his money, but this is strictly an improvement over card as he can control the max amount to afford to loose

@NicolasDorier @hugo @MrHodl I think this idea of a pre-paid wallet will open new possibilities to businesses.

@NicolasDorier @MrHodl @bitcoinshirt at 6 months he can withdraw 0.6 BTC, right? You mention 0.4 BTC!?

Well, if I understood correctly in the example used a user could start with 0.1 BTC and add more BTC before the subscription needs renewal, no?

@hugo @MrHodl @bitcoinshirt

He deposited 1 BTC, spent 6 month at 0.1 BTC, so only 0.4 is left on his account. This is the maximum he can withdraw.

Yes, if he wants to extend he just put more, if he wants to stop he would withdraw

@NicolasDorier @hugo @MrHodl @bitcoinshirt
A kind of prepaid trusted custodian account in BTCPay is a great idea. Can notify both sides for top-up and depletion etc., and manage recurring withdrawals and cancellation. But needs a #hotwallet?

@JuergenStrobel @hugo @MrHodl @bitcoinshirt

Well, hotwallet if you want to be completely hand free. But what you can do instead is batch all the withdraw requests for the day/week, then ask the admin to insert his Ledger Nano S to do all the withdraw at once (or use PSBT, BIP 174 when more supported)

@NicolasDorier @hugo @bitcoinshirt

Take him up on his offer hugo. Bitcoiners are migrating over here. It's good for business.

@hugo @MrHodl yeah recurring payment while possible makes me uncomfortable. Right now BTCPay does not hold private keys and I wished to keep it that way...

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