I think UPS didn't get the information that there typically is no one around, who accepts a parcel at an automated parcel pick-up station 🤔

Very cool! 's browser addon called Protection now allows you to temporarily blur the current tab by pressing the ESC key 3 times. Press it a 4th time to switch to a blank @StartpageSearch.

Download: add.startpage.com/protection

Found it, it was in my Sweatpants right at the bottom where I couldn't feel it well.

Case Closed

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How to describe one of my abilities you may ask?

I got new underwear, put it in my Dirty-Clothes bag, then put it into the washing machine and afterwards put it up for drying. Literally lost it in one of those steps and I can't find it 😅

Finally made a small "portfolio" or whatever I can call my website. Used a project/tutorial from freeCodeCamp though, because I'm not that good at website design yet.
If you want to check it out, here you go: wtf-my-code.works/

Furthermore I adopted the new @Mastodon logo. That purple looks great!

To do something for the environment, using public transportation is crucial. Well except if you don't live in a city in and it is Sunday

Hi there,

I'm also here on now!
Very curious how this platform turns out 🤔


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