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💥Incoming Transmission From Engineering💥

I just made my final move from Cloud to Social
It doesnt look different but I am getting a good vibe

If I dropped anyone by accident let me know
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Thanks, Republicans for this full-on corruption of what used to be known as the United States Justice Department.

Justice Department drops case against Michael Flynn

☕😷[🤔] So maybe the AG Barr, Flynn case drop was to deflect from this, just released...
"Russia Investigation Transcripts and Documents | Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence"


Nothing says "innocent" as much as "it needs to be kept secret"

Just to recap:

Large corporations were bailed out first.

Small business are now limited to a laughable loan limit.

There are still no tests.

There is still no PPE.

Food workers are sick.

Food plant safety standards were rolled back.

This administration, the Republican Congress, and Republican Governors 
are telling Americans that
their lives and livelihoods don’t matter.

Vote for something else.

#HeroesResist @HeroesResist

This is not fun to talk about, but it's some pretty magical thinking to think that almost 80% of people will be rehired soon. Once they realize they're not going to get rehired, there's going to be a dramatic shift, and not a good one for the Trump administration.

Republican inaction and lack of preparedness made this worse than it should be. So does their continuous bailouts for big corporations.

Vote Democratic in November if you want this country to have a chance.

Current mood as I clock in to an 'essential' job interacting w/the public every minute, dealing w/selfish, lazy, stupid people who won't listen to experts& stay the FK home.
I feel guilty for being afraid of work because so many of my friends have lost income, while I'm still employed. I shouldn't complain, right?
Yet every morn I have to fight an anxiety attack that makes me feel physically sick, just to make it there, worrying, will today be the day some idiot who won't listen gets me sick?

This worldwide pandemic was going to be a terror no matter who was in the White House, but competent leadership could have saved lives. 

A Republican party willing to step up could have saved lives.

Instead, we have a collection of corrupt incompetents. We can't let it happen again. #VoteNovember3 #HeroesResist @HeroesResist

Commander of confusion: Trump sows uncertainty and seeks to cast blame in coronavirus crisis:


Thank you for posting this. This is how I feel as an "essential govt" employee. It's hard to curb my growing resentment of higher ups condescendingly thanking us for continuing to work (while they stay home), as if they gave us an option. One of my coworkers was recently sent home due to having a fever. I really think it's only a matter of time before it's me that becomes sick. I've already been so fatigued this week from the stress. I hope it's from stress.

@CaptainAmerica2020 @IronMan2020
That is my favorite line of yours Captain America. Today, I wouldn’t mind be the invisible woman. I would put more fear into them than they have ever known.

Social distancing/physical distancing/safe-at-home/lock down/whatever you wish to call it is a strategy to create time to get other efforts in place (testing, hospital preparedness, etc.) in a fast-moving outbreak. 

It's been made a necessity by a slow to acknowledge, disjointed early response and a lack of the ramping up of necessary resources by the president and by the Republican Senate.

Stay at home if you can.
Limit contact when you are out.
Don't bash "both sides."
Vote blue.

Vulcans believe that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. @FirstOfficerSpock is half human, and I, like Spock, live on a ship with humans. We recognize that the human way of caring for the few also has it merits.

Most who believe in the needs of the many recognize that children benefit from life with grandparents, and many children are raised in grandparent-headed families. Few children would sacrifice their grandparents for any amount of money.

This hurts to read, but so much of it rings true. My own family ridiculed my decision to try to get into public service and generally succeeded in dissuading me from it.

How can we reverse this downward trend? Leading by example is effective, but means to extend its reach must be found.

For years, Oregon has had a vote by mail system. 

It works. Ballots and voters' pamphlets are sent to all voters. 

If a recount is necessary, paper ballots are there. Voting is done within the privacy of one's home, without risking one's health.

All states should implement such a system and we should all be demanding our states implement a system like this immediately.

Democrat DESTROYS Trump in MUST-WATCH speech over botched handling via @YouTube

I was just a average account following the #HeroesResist💥 group for the good info. After watching their Trouble With Twitter episode, I created a backup account on Mastodon.
Now following new people, with fewer trolls.

💥Incoming Transmission From Engineering💥

Like the rest of you, I am concerned about however, what concerns me more is that we will lose focus regarding this November.

To Save our Democracy, we must remain vigilant.
There's a lot of work left to do

So stay healthy Lads, remain vigilant, &
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@AgentCarter_SSR2020 Of course ma'am! You do write about the multiverse..."I don't know how a 1940s British Agent got on the Enterprise but, help get these bloody things off me!"

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