Gonna have to hold off on the stream tonight on account of the constant rain in the area doing...this to my office which is in the basement. I'll have to see about streaming on Monday.

I've been doing the whole save every $5 bill you get thing since the start of February and this is where I am right now. Gonna see how many I can get before the end of the year.

In January, I mentioned that I started using my old red YouTube journal (left) again as a Twitch/YouTube content creation bullet journal. Last night, I finished filling it out and started a fresh one (right) today.

Main video is scheduled for tomorrow. Bringing back Demo Gameplay! for the next 2 Saturdays. I'm also open to game demo suggestions if you have any!

As of today, I've begun doing something that I stopped doing back in October of 2017. I guess it could be called a bullet journal for content creation. Anything that I do that's related to YouTube and Twitch stuff gets recorded here. It's the exact same book I used to use too. I just started again on the next blank page.

At a friend's place for Christmas dinner. Waiting around with the doggo while it's getting finished up.

While I was out getting the last pieces of my brother's Christmas gift, I saw this on sale at Target. It was only $50 so I ended up buying it. Can't wait to see how it plays!

Work has left me a bit sore today but I did get something neat on the ride home thanks to the Community Day weekend.

I figure with December upon us, why not go all out with gaining followers on Twitch/subscribers on YouTube. If I can get BOTH 50 followers on Twitch and 200 subs on YouTube by the end of the year, I'll "enjoy" some of this cheese dip?

I only invest in the most high-tech options for lighting for my streams! Spare no expense!

Merry Christmas to me! Gonna work on getting this installed and I'll be doing a stream to test this out tonight. FFXII will resume tomorrow most likely.

I ordered the new capture card. It's my Chirstmas present to me this year. I'll be picking it up when I do some Christmas errands tomorrow.

Didn't expect it to come in until next week, but I now have the 3rd Zelda book to complete the tri-colored collection!

Master Wind Waker is all done and recorded for! Only 5 more Adventure Maps left to do along with the Rewards Map!

My new chair came in while I was at work today. Gonna take getting used to but I think I like it.

So my mom loved the birthday present I got her. Now she can properly scare the kids again this year!

I finally broke down and downloaded Pokemon Go last night. After getting back from the store earlier, the best one appeared! She was so good and stayed in the first ball I threw!

Bought a thing. Should make stuff go smoother for streams and a lot of other stuff.

The footage came out great in editing so I guess I'm ready to announce that my next LP is gonna be The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD!

I feel like revealing the thumbnail format for my Undertale stream VODs on YouTube. Hey, how'd that dog get there!?

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