Going live with some Super Mario Maker 2! Gonna be rating some levels for Morning Mario on Stephenplays! The VOD from Sunday's stream is now on YouTube! I got all the Seashells and Hearts I missed in Link's Awakening for Switch! The VOD from Saturday's stream is now on YouTube! I did a couple Endless Runs in Super Mario Maker 2! Going live right now! Let's gather up the remaining Heart Pieces and Seashells in Link's Awakening! Going live on Twitch right now! I feel like chilling out for today so let's do a Normal Endless Challenge run in Mario Maker 2!

Since my mom's birthday was yesterday and I was working that day, we celebrated today. I treated her to lunch and got her a chest freezer since she'd been wanting one for a while. The VOD from Tuesday's stream is on YouTube! I finished up Link's Awakening on Switch! A little bit past when I said but we're live! Still getting some things set up but come on in while I get ready! the VOD from last Wednesday's stream is now on YouTube! I took care of some more dungeons in Link's Awakening on Switch!

Recently, my body has become its most adamant about not liking eggs for breakfast that I have extreme intestinal pain now. I've always been iffy about them my whole life so I'm not surprised. However, I had the idea of grilling a slice of tofu with a bit of salt one day because why not? Turns out, not much difference in the texture/taste of cooked eggs for me. I've always liked tofu so I guess that's a win for me. The VOD from Sunday's stream is on YouTube! The journey through Link's Awakening on the Switch continues! The VOD from Friday's stream is now on YouTube! I played some more Link's Awakening for Switch! All done with dinner! Setting up for Link's Awakening right now! Come in and listen to some music while I get ready! Going live on Twitch! Let's continue Link's Awakening on the Switch! The VOD from Monday's stream is now on YouTube! I started a playthrough of the Switch remake of Link's Awakening!

I need to start drinking more tea at home and stick to sodas almost exclusively at work/eating out. Might help with my mental health a little bit. The VOD from last Thursday's Mario Maker 2 stream is now on YouTube! I did another round of Morning Mario ratings for StephenPlays! Going live on Twitch with the start of Link's Awakening for the Switch! Let's see how my knowledge of the Game Boy game helps me out here! Going live! Let's rate some levels in Super Mario Maker 2 for Morning Mario on StephenPlays!

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