my take on the Lepus constellation, which IRL represents a "hare" being chased by Orion (the hunter) and his two dogs, Canis Major & Minor. due to this origin i made my lady a little fluffy!

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Not all honor is won on the battlefield - some of the most glorious battles happen in the kitchen.

For the prompt "honor" from my patron Ripa, I tried to design a charr trophy - first place in the annual Butcher's Block cooking contest! Thank you, Ripa, for your support! 🧡

a dumb drawing that i love
this is my oc mouse man he loves kids


Ab 11 geht es heute im Livestream auf Reisen ins Innere der Zelle und zum gefräßigen Immunsystem mit Prof. Ignacio Rubio und | MDR.DE


Research clarifies, genetics not only determinant of intelligence, 40-60% is estimated to be hereditary, rest depends on environment.
Father determines emotions/intuitions!
Up side down in our knowledge hitherto, that too in a patriarchal/misogyny society!

Super excited to announce the release of paperback #Aesthetic #Programming: A Handbook of #Software Studies, written w/ Geoff Cox, published by @openhumanities Press. Open access PDF + open source (txt+code) Fantastic cover and design by @osp_kitchen :

Weiß-weißer,-: überall und . Natürlich auch auf unserem . ❄️
White-whiter,-: snow and everywhere. On our too, of course.❄️

If Chinese military is to be believed, both India & China have begun withdrawing troops from north & south banks of , which has been point of friction between two sparring neighbours since May last year!

Akira Yakuza AU. Tetsuo as an oyabun reuniting with Kaneda who became a rockstar hah.

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I did some quick concept passes on Connor's outfit from Detroit Become Human, for a RP I had going on at the time.

#mastoart #art #conceptart

The complete erasure of ethnicity in the US is horrifying in its own ways, but the legacy it has of moving the goalpost of what constitutes whiteness and utilizing white passing POCs in order to keep the statue quo of power is frightening

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