Also, it must not be forgotten that today's gig is also a corona-postponed presentation of Terranigma's HydroZone EP from March


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Seaside sunrise at the end of July.

Process: In GNU IMP: downscale photo to 10%, convert to indexed palette with 6 colours, convert back to RGB, perform edge detection with Laplace operator (border policy white), invert colours, threshold at (1,255) to black and white (as much white as possible). Then save as PPM and run potrace from the command line, without any options, giving an EPS file with the same stem. Load this back into GNU IMP, at 600dpi with strong antialiasing settings. Downscale to 720p greyscale JPEG for web, keep the high resolution for printing (445dpi fits nicely on A4 paper, with 15mm border on left/right/top (bigger bottom border).

hey if any of you like weirdass music id appreciate if you gave any of my stuff a listen. ive done a couple different genres but im mostly focused on ambient/drone type stuff! im trying to do more releases lately and its been working out pretty decently.

all my stuff is free to download of course but any amount of support or kind words would be greatly appreciated and i hope you enjoy my work <3

Ableton Tutorial: How To Make Your Sub Sound Great On Any System (Sound Design, Sub Bass)
Sub-bass sound design tip, also useful for other daws

On Friday we are releasing a new EP by Shekuza, whose last year's album we sold out (and actually reprinted for a B series) and today we have published a fresh video for the title track! Enjoy!

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

#kamizdat #netaudio #netlabel #slovenia #CreativeCommons

neolibs vs neocons lets fight 😄

Gauweilers Anwalt über EZB-Klage: „EZB führt Verfassungsgericht vor“

Der ehemalige CSU-Vizechef Peter Gauweiler will den Streit um die Kompetenzen der Europäischen Zentralbank eskalieren. Sein Anwalt im Gespräch.

@palomakop and friends set up a new #PeerTube instance at thats devoted to experimental video art. They have already been using it for a few weeks now and there is interesting weird content already posted.

Since its part of the fediverse you can go ahead and follow @bobbypharaoh, @cyberboy666, @respirator, and @robtoner from here and get any new weird video art that they post!

È uscito il vinile autoprodotto LP 33 giri + digital download ( QR code sulla cover)
I Neurologici - In dub vol. 3

Real Rock - Stratodischi CC by-nc-sa 2020
#music #dub #mastoradio #vinyl #diy #autoproduzione #2020 #mastoart

10 tracce di dub strumentale. Cercalo sull'internet.

skateboarding, video 

this video is quite revealing to the non-initiated. but it's also very interesting, that it seems to be the first (general interest, mainstream) video - that I've seen at least - that uses google earth for all aerial shots of places

Tony Hawk breaks down skateboarding’s legendary spots

by Vox

Blender ist wohl das beste Beispiel für ein unglaublich mächtiges Werkzeug, mit den man eigene Welten erschaffen kann. Die NASA verwendet Blender, um Modelle von Satelliten oder interaktive Webanwendungen zu bauen.

Außerdem wurde für Szenen von Blockbustern wie Spider-Man 2 oder Wonder Woman mit Blender gearbeitet – oder sogar ganze Filme wie "NextGen". Gaming-Firmen nutzen Blender, um ihre Spiele zu entwickeln.

#freesoftware #creativity #kreativität #nachhaltigkeit #freiesoftware #blender
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