Since I haven't done this yet...

I'm a 49 yr old guy that live streams on twitch where I talk to people about the importance of kindness and give "almost" good advice and encouragement under the guise of "your Twitch Dad".

My interests are...

(rarely live)

I'm not a role model and I don't try to be. I'm not Mr. Rogers. I just try to be the kind of person he believed I could be. (So far no success😉)

@heurism thank you! Haven't been here long but I'm enjoying it so far!

@Mrfunkedude Mastodontists are funky as hell and I mean that in a very complimentary way.


@heurism I love the idea of a decentralized social network. I've been on Twitter since beta and it's a love hate relationship. Hopefully I can get better engagement here. 😁

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@Mrfunkedude Getting my twitter friends over here is going to be a losing proposition....but...aside from that....

@heurism it was one of my Twitter friends that introduced me to Mastodon. Now we're trying to convince them to come here. Lul

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