Monday at 2pm pst is Mental Health Topic day for my live stream at where I try to create discussions around mental health.

The topics will be... "Forgiveness for others and ourselves.", "Is your inner voice your friend?", and "What are your favorite simple things that bring you joy throughout each day?"

If you have any thoughts, or stories about either of these subjects, please either reply here or in DM if you want to keep anonymity, and I'll read them for my show.

For those that don't know, my live stream focuses around positivity, encouragement, and promoting kindness. The schedule usually goes like this...

Mon: Topic Day, Mental Health
Tues: Mobile stream
Wed: Advice from your Twitch dad
Thurs: Mobile stream
Fri: Topic Day, viewer choice
Sat or Sun: Cooking

My community is small but growing. We try to create a positive and encouraging place where people can relax and get away from toxicity.

Feel free to join us.

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