I sympathize completely. I think we voice this concerns because the hype is great. To have a decentralized federated video platform to attempt to replace Google YouTube! But peertube is still infant, barely out of beta. I hope for a good & quick development. I'll be watching :mastodon_oops:

Agreed. I'm hoping for the best. Like I said, it's a great idea. When things improve I'll update the post.

@Mrfunkedude I agree that copying videos from youtube is harmful and that original content should be uploaded instead. It is similarly bad as mirroring tweets on Mastodon.

Just please don't call this "stealing". See
questioncopyright.org/not_wron for reasons why.

I liked the cute drawing of the burglar stealing a laptop in your article - this actually happened to me one night last November. That was real theft, those laptops are gone, they didn't leave any copies :flan_piteous:

The problem with that thinking is that it doesn't speak to the theft of potentiality. Taking a video that you didn't make, putting it on a different services as if it were your own, takes the potential earnings from the original creator. One person copying a video to watch for their own amusement is not the same as someone who copies and distributes it as their own to others, which is the vast majority of videos on PeerTube.

@Mrfunkedude Yes, agreed on all counts except your choice of words.

Passing off someone else's work as your own is called "plagiarism", not "stealing". There's a huge difference in terms of deprivation and harm done to the victim, and potential consequences for the accused, guilty or not.

The modern "copying equals stealing" way of thinking was made up and pushed into our minds by the entertainment industry and similar rights-holder lobbies. Don't buy it.

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