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Uh, I just upgraded Lubuntu and apparently I no longer have permission to install anything and Users & Groups is not letting me do anything

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Any brands of lipstick that are good but also do NOT smell weird?

Packing and cleaning ready to take the bus back to London tomorrow
Don't know what music to listen to

Deleting all that cos I felt awkward

Let us just say I feel very lucky to be with my good man

old snapperino

from my book 'View From The Inside'
January 2014

feeling bad about myself ended in me shaving a bit more of my hair off and trying to mess with the rest. not entirely successful but shaving heads is funnn

I don't know if I've recommended this Youtube channel here before, but even if I have I'm doing it again:


Japanese cooking with Chef & Francis

Sadly, Francis the dog is no longer with us, but the channel is still up and they also have a website with ingredient lists and recipes for everything. I find it terrifically relaxing.

my scan was all clear. so that's nice

This Photo is a scan from a 120 infrared film shot with my grandpa's Rolleiflex. Only mechanics, no electronics, it's a very satisfying feeling to get the proper exposure.
Thougts are in the air 🏖 mastodon.art/media/He3mIdQPTz5

#art #mastoart #photography #photo #blackandwhite

He hasn't seen Whistle And I'll Come To You either, so I'll find that as well (the old black and white one, i'm not interested in the remake)

Classic BBC spookiness


Got my Halloween viewing sorted, the other half has never seen this (and I've never made it to the end, lol)

Hopefully I will be back in London with him by then of course


I added yesterday's photo to Redbubble if you're mad and want to buy one

Maybe don't buy any large versions of it, quality of bigger ones will be... less than smaller ones

Might be nice on an acrylic block though