Orcs! Bears! Crab grass! A man called Poomchukker! The Scorpion Swamp gamebook playthrough is now on Youtube


My Valentine gift to you: that playthrough of Prey I did in 2018 is now available on Youtube and I tried to edit out the 2 minute loading screens. Please enjoy, if that's your sort of thing!


I've finished the stream, my spine began to crunch haha. Sincerely, thank you for your donations 💖💖💖
The JustGiving page is open until tomorrow if you missed it but still want to help out, it's all going to Mind.


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Alright pals, I'm doing a stream to try and raise some money for Mind, a UK mental health charity. You don't have to watch the stream to help out, although your company would be appreciated! You can donate at this link:

I tried playing The Warlock of Firetop Mountain but was beaten by the maze.


Yesterday on the stream I played Toripon, a cute game where you take photos of birbs (It's not my game, i just think its very cute). It is a pay-what-you-want game available here:


🔴LIVE with World of Warcraft Classic. Go back in time to a simpler, and more leading screen-filled, time.

In much more fun news, thank you to everyone, I put the bit goal balance towards the new ps4 pad we've been aiming for! So big thanks to everyone 💖 💖 💖

Sorry for an abrupt stream end the other night, been unwell lately and it came on a bit suddenly in the stream, going to doctor on Friday so hopefully get some advice there

🔴LIVE with Alien: Isolation

Timmy better start leaving me alone or I'll mod him out


Tani! Twitch! Tonight!

Tune in for the return stream at 6pm UK time as MsYutani finally plays the one game she probably should...


I'm a Humble Partner nowadays so if you like buying your games there you can support me and my chosen charity at no extra cost by going via my link: humblebundle.com/store/promo/h

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