hello M-tech Computer have a new payment system.
Paypal and Pay by link (Banca Sella)
for pay the assistance in to the distance

for info email mario.riassetto@gmail.com
Ciao M-tech Computer ha un nuovo sistema di pagamento
Paypal e pay by link (Banca Sella)
per pagare le assistenze a distanza

per info email mario.riassetto@gmail.com

Hai set in your car navigator this tracks for destination M-tech computer

7-zip for android smatphone & Tablet
recovered by M-tech Computer.
this program is complete, stable all ok , free and Open Source. for compressing and decompressing the files in the smartphone.
PS: torrent file drive.google.com/file/d/100tXv

this toot have the link of the catalog of M-tech PC for buy the informatics product by correspondence. possibility of the payment by credit card online.

Hello everyone, from today M-tech Computer
It is also equipped with a remote (online) payment system with credit card and prepaid cards.
Members of the Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Hype, MyBank circuit.
You can pay what you want from wherever you are with a link that arrives in the e-mail after the agreed payment with the owner of M-tech Computer (Mario Riassetto)
Thank you and good day

Mario Riassetto (M-tech computer)
vicolo A. Manzoni 3 Grange di Front (TO) mario.riassetto@gmail.com

Install "LibreTorrent" free and opensource software for managing the files torrent in smartphone or tablet android. Download in Aptoide store - libretorrent.it.aptoide.com/?s

In this post you will find the torrent to download the free app for android, LibreTorrent that helps us manage our torrents on your smartphone or tablet

Non andare a regalare il tuo PC ai colossi delle vendite.
manda il tuo vecchio PC alla M-tech PC. te lo ripristiniamo con GNU/Linux, con una somma minima di Euro 25,00 iva compresa. Tel.340-9816435 mario.riassetto@gmail.com
reading full post in my blog m-techpc.blogspot.com/2020/09/
Mario Riassetto
(M-tech Computer)
Vicolo Alessandro Manzoni 3
Grange di Front (TO)

today M-tech return at your service.
you don't loast this occasion for contact M-tech for new work
oggi M-tech torna al tuo servizio.
non perdete l'occasione di contattare M-tech per un nuovo lavoro

M-tech is closed for days 14 august to 24 august
Good Summer🏕️

Jitsi Meet Conference - Clicca sul link seguente per partecipare alla videochat con M-tech:

for start a video meeting with M-tech click this link. jitsi.linux.it/MtechPCvideocha
The chat is encrypted , free and open source

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