boosting any toots i see to strengthen the bro team brand

names on mastodon make me feel like i'm looking at usenet but i'm too young to have ever used it

symphony of the night is pretty okay but i think you really had to like, enjoy it when it came out otherwise you're ruined forever for it. i played gba castlevanias before i played sotn and so i can't really enjoy it because of my lizard brain.

so if i'm getting this right, i need to make new accounts on basically every instance ever if i want to be on those? that sounds pretty fucked. hope there's some good ones then.

:sm64_h: :sm64_o: :sm64_l: :sm64_y:
:sm64_s: :sm64_h: :sm64_i: :sm64_t:

folks i don't mean to be a burden but imagine tigger hoppin on a big ole pair of nuts instead of his tail

:sm64_l: :sm64_o: :sm64_l:

hockey is the best sport because the ball rhymes with "fuck"

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