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mastodon's made me more stressed than twitter has lmao

Finally done with a flat of Miss Lovely, my lovely little Manx girl. I plan on making a full reference sheet of her with this picture. Unfortunately I forgot to make the tattoo on her left arm. But that can be done in the full sheet when I am done! ♥

#Art #Lovely #Order #Flat #Furry #OC #Character #Reference

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Mastodon BS is making my head hurt

let's talk about OCs

Here's a shot from an experimental gaming series I ran about five years ago. I'm really happy with how it turned out, but the subtle nipple sort of limits how much sharing it enjoys. Too many places don't allow this sort of thing.

CW: Nipple!

#nude #spaceinvaders #videogames #photography

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the biggest issues for me are still how difficult mastodon is to learn for non-tech-savvy users:

- mastodon still fails the 'incompetent grandma' test
- it has a learning curve for ppl who don't know how it works, even if they've used twitter & co in the past
- the description & documentation are a bit heavy on 'big words' - the readability of the description is ~12th grade according to most readability scales
- the documentation is on >github< of all places

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@poiisons IKR
Like damn I wasn't even trying to look for Masto users and suddenly BOOM

I literally yelled, it's like finding your grade school classmate outside of school haha

My awesome friend that I love a lot is doing PWYW icon commissions, you should check them out if you're interested <3



THIS IS SOMEONE ON MASTODON RIGHT I S2G I SAW THIS ICON ON MASTO BEFORE (unless it's a picture people like using as icons and i just made myself look silly)

no seriously I mostly skip over a ton of furry character designs cuz they don't catch my eye but this one did wtf

did I seriously just consider buying an adoptable for a fursona


@Tawa2Tawa @paralithode This is an even better idea. I already do use throwaway emails for all kinds of stuff; no reason not to do it for FA as well.

Thank you both for your responses.

@paralithode RIP

Flimsy security is not worth high volume of commission work

@Tawa2Tawa Considering I spend most of my web-browsing on mobile + I'm on iOS, I guess I'm gonna keep avoiding FA even if it is tempting to sign up where a lot of commission work's done 😷