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Café cat ☕️ @Murilega

@bunnylyn it makes me sad that twitter is so bad. great app. I spent money on the mac and iOS versions

@bunnylyn its the best social media app i've ever used

tweetbot needs Mastodon integration

@jaycie warlock movement is really slow. can't gain any speed from the jumps at all.

okay i finished night in the woods again. time to be sad about it for another couple of days

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im so painfully bored right now aaaaaa

i need to start stretching more. I can hardly touch my toes right now cuz of how inflexible i am

midnight has become a regular coffee time for me, oh no

had to go out and buy pliers because the knob on our drier broke lol

@yatchi i feel so bad about it because they usually wait a bit before trying again. i dont wanna waste anyones time

i always get so nervous about talking in picarto stream chats

i won an art raffle on picarto but i was afk and missed it :(

there's a really wild thunderstorm rolling in right now ;o