A vampire who wants your credit card details, or "scampire"


A vampire who sleeps in a tent, or "campire"

A vampire who's the empress of a bunch of footstools, or "the ottoman empire"

A vampire wearing glittery makeup and tight leather jeans, or "glampire"


A vampire who assists with wheelchair accessibility, or "rampire"

A vampire who's won the Olympic gold, or "champire"

A vampire who's giving you salacious looks, or "Count Draculeer"

A vampire from the Netherlands, or "Amsterdampire"

A vampire who lives under the sea, or "clampire"

Come on and slampire, and welcome to the vampire

A vampire who played Don Draper, or "John Hammpire"

A vampire who walks really heavily, or "stampire"

A vampite who's trying to bamboozle you out of your hard-earned money, or "flimflampire"

A vampire who lives in your computer, or "programpire"

A lycanthrope who lives in your computer without permission, or "malwarewolf"

A vampire who used to be a French lady, or "madamepire"

A vampire that must be taken in silence, or "exampire"

A vampire who's all about that , or "Instagrampire"

A vampire who's in charge of the tennis, or "umpire"

A vampire with powers over electricity, or "ampire"

@marlyn a vampite who sends you endless electronic mail, or "spampire"

A vampire who injured themselves while exercising, or a "crampire"


Madamepire sounds like someone who runs a Halloween-themed brothel.

a lycanthrope that tells you to drink lots of water and get plenty of rest, or a "self-carewolf"

A vampire DJ that goes by the pseudonym, "Winampire"

@Murkrow a vampire who specializes in dehydration-related injuries, or "crampire"

@balrogboogie a vampire who specialises in studying for exams at the last minute, or "crampire"

@Murkrow A vampire who specializes in constructing large civil engineering structures, or "dampire"

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