Should be working but instead I'm here.
Pretty sure there is some corn growing in our yard & I'm not gonna say a thing let's see what happens.

Sitting alone in the Warframe clan discord,
"I'm so brave. To be here, alone."

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I'm just a gentile friend but please feed me your latkes with options for applesauce and sour cream so I can make up my mind on which one I like, much appreciated.

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If nothing else it has for years, made me appreciate that all the things we have today are partly because the people *currently alive* are very smart or clever, yes, but it's all been built up on, the math, the language, everything.
Humans are smart now thanks to the stuff humans learned & could pass on, that's pretty freaking neat.

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No one ever seems to talk about the anime "A Wind Named Amnesia" and the few vids I find are pretty...Meh,
Am I really the only one who had a great deal of thoughts about what the world would look like if we all suddenly lost all our memories at once?

My mom tried to tell me that a vanity plate that said "G MAN" was about the New York Giants and I could not explain to her why this was not it.

Guess who is still having a crisis, because of that tiktok with the mom puppet saying "we got spaghetti in the fridge" "But mom we had spaghetti all week!" "If you don't want it, you ain't that hungry"
because when I look in the fridge & see food I don't' want to eat I say "oh god she's right, how could I possibly be that hungry if I won't eat this?" because I was raised Catholic & guilt is a hell of a drug.

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Me: I'm here to audition for the voice of 'Teenager who's voice keeps breaking'.
Casting Director: Oh perfect, you're hired.
Me: Oh..yeah. Thanks.

Saw one of those "family sticker sets" on a car yesterday that was starwars themed...and it looked like it had Leia as mom & Darth Vader as dad and I just...cannot explain how someone likes Starwars even *casually* can not understand how that's weird???

My family has lived in this house for two years, and this month I noticed we didn't have any readily available fire extinguishers.
So just a reminder: take a look see if you have one, you might not :o

I'm not sure if this describes my parents over all, but we don't put the trash cans near the front of the garage because "I don't want everyone to see our business!"
but I can't find a fire extinguisher in any of the places a house is supposed to have one.

Every once in a while I get sad, & I say to myself
"Cut my pie into pieces, this is my last bri-tort" and at least a small laugh is had.

Love dopamine, but they never visit or call.

*completely alone in my room*
Ya better watch out,
Ya better watch out,
Ya better watch out,
Ya better watch out,

No but seriously when we gonna see a Garfield strip referencing the "cats can have a little salami" ???

I might have gotten high on mashpotatoes last night, crooned "Jolene" & sat under a blanket waiting for/with the cat on the porch for like...TWO HOURS
which is nothing, compared to the 2 1/2 hours spent AFTER THAT listening to Shaun talk about the bell curve while working with no breaks on my newest 3D model :o

My stepdad just scared away the cute ducks outside, and I may have to destroy him, because they bring joy to my life for free.

*sings "I can't fight this feeling any more" to the cat as I pick him up, because he is following me around sad he couldn't be closer because I had the air compressor on while air brushing*

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