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For those of you who don't know me, hi. I'm Mike. I'm currently in the final stages of finishing up a Master's in Museum Studies (my capstone project is happening this fall and I should have my degree in the spring).

If I followed you on dot social, I now follow you on my new private instance. A followback on my new instance would be delightful! Thank you!

Mastodon drama, abuse 

following more folks on my primary account: MuseumMichael at !

I will probably keep my dot social account for a little while but I won't be posting here much longer, so please shoot me a re-follow at @MuseumMichael !

hot take: I don't hate the new gmail interface. In fact, I kind of prefer it.

For the most trusted name in computers, look for the Dom Deluise seal of approval (NCR ad campaign, 1984-1985)

tfw your editor-in-chief gives you permission to make the slide decks for the panels and you effortlessly slip this bad boy in at Slide 149

2 Red Bulls into my late night and "In The Air Tonight" on the headphones is sending chills down my spine

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