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Listen, I know why you’re here. You want to “talk to people” and “have them earnestly engage with you in return” or some bullshit like that. But, consider this: being a passive receptacle for the mediocre jokes of journalists in their early thirties.

Maybe, one day, they’ll retweet your jokes too! The sky is the limit!

in honor of Eizin Suzuki, whose gorgeous illustrations I am currently working through for my panel slideshow, here's Tatsuro Yamashita's "Sparkle":

I'm really bummed I'm so busy with panel prep to post much this week but rest assured: I am in here.

scary birdsite 

seeing sincerity from people who I've only ever seen exhibit jaded irony is disorienting

I include myself in this

do I really have to go onto the Federated TL to find my ideal instance

*long exaggerated sigh*

existing on both platforms simultaneously feels like one of those old scifi/horror stories where someone gets caught between dimensions because of a transporter accident or something and just exists screaming silently forever

holy shit, that was some "fellow kids"-level bullshit right there

@hopesmash Don't want to be compared to Jack Dorsey, don't want prominence, specifically don't want to be idolized. Just doing my thing

the ontological, ideological, and moral dimensions of "That bullshit doesn't work on me man" are staggeringly profound, and this is not a joke post AT ALL

I was falling out of love with Mastodon for a while there but then I saw The Really Good Posts and my gratitude was refilled

the definition of capitalism destroying everything good: doing research on El Lissitzky's Beat The Whites With The Red Wedge to find a high-res image and the first ones that come up are on branded handbags for sale 😫

prepping our convention panel on the '80s aesthetic/sifting through dozens of 1980s images of neon grids got me like

food, mental health 

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