Why is my data safer in mastodon.cloud's servers than in Google's, or Twitter's?

Many reasons and first would be that mastodon is not designed to generate profit. Plus I would highly encourage to visit policies.google.com/privacy then you will be able to make decision if your data is safe in their hands. Mastodon is just very different platform, anyway there is much more to it but policies are always a nice place to start becoming aware of why some services are better from others.

@MuzT Is there anything stopping an Admin of any open source social media instance (not specifically this one, I'm also thinking in, for example, D* instances) from selling it, for example? Stating that something is not designed to generate profit is just a matter of security through trust.

Also, I guess it would be easier for a government to seize my data from the Admin's server than Google's. THere's less legal strength that the Admin might flex compared to Google's legal team.


@ayin Nothing is stopping Admins to look up all the data you share but Mastodon is not created to be encrypted and secure its all in Plain-Text that can be easily extracted by Admin. Tip don't share personal/confidential information on to this platform for this you can use proper encrypted services. Also private messages are not so private better not to share any passwords etc..

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