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I am Navneet, I am a Linux System Admin, I work as a freelance Consultant and I promote Software and Communities. Feel Free to follow me if you love and Can bear with my technical jargon.
I Cats, Dogs and Servers(PC/laptops).

I have alt accounts too @null0x0 @hiralda @null0x0 @null0x0c
I am a Mod at which is run by @stux

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Alternatives to popular apps.
WhatsApp --> Signal
Gmail --> Tutanota/Protonmail
Videos --> Peertube
Search Engine --> Duckduckgo
Browser --> Mozilla
VPN -- 2 Uses( 1. Bypass = Proton VPN - 2. Privacy = Self hosted, Torrent = Mullvad etc)
Operating System --> Linux(Debian/Ubuntu, Arch, CentOS etc..)
Media Players --> MPV/VLC
Text Editor --> Notepad++
ART --> Krita

Boost/Follow for more, also let me know your favourite app.

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Add details to your profiles so that It is easier for people to know about you.

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This review is hilarious!
iBall Nirantar UPS 622 - Uninterrupted Power Supply to Your Personal Computers, Home Entertainment Network and Gaming Consoles, Black

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Guy 1: Finger printing CAN be disabled effectively in any chromium based browser using an extension called "Browser Plugs Fingerprint Privacy Firewall".

Guy 2: Don't block the fingerprint, use plugins like canvas fingerprint defender. These generate a new fingerprint, every time you load a website. If they want data, they get data. Tons of data.

A wise man once said! 😄 😄 😄

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Stars align is an awesome Anime which delves into the life of teenagers who love tennis and are facing realistic day to day struggle with their lives having to deal with Parental Abuse, Loneliness, Studies, and more. I highly recommend it!
Rating: 10/10.

#anime #mustwatchanime2019

Omg! Planned Power outage for 6+ hours today

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@kde #PlasmaMobile update for week 9 and 10: Updates for the various applications including, Calindori, Phonebook, Plasma Settings, Kaidan and Spacebar. Read at :

Watch "Rickrolling In Real Life WITH RICK ASTLEY" on YouTube

Watch "Haikyuu!! Season 4 (To the Top) Official Trailer" on YouTube

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iLO2 Web UI
Nifty tool for managing server remotely or locally!

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My home broadband line is down due to mains issue in the appartment. Arghhhhh

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Using Mobile data to update the ubuntu-server and install the latest drivers + GNOME Desktop Environment to test GPU Video Playback.

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Reflowed the GPU again and now it is in the HP DL360G5 Blade server.

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For 19.12, would you like Hardware accelerated KDE Plasma desktop via OpenGL ES 2.0, even though some applications might not work because of it?

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