hello Mastodon! I guess I will spend more time here as twitter is being a pain about

Hey guys, here is an $8,000 value Gravel bike up for grabs in this latest contest from dirtrag magazine. I would like to be able to win this. Now, why would a blind athlete want to win something like this? Well, It's simple. I can parlay the proceeds from this bike into usable capital to fund my activities in the cycling sport (like paying for races, transportation for me and my tandem, Etc.

Hello everyone. I happen to be totally blind and I am in need of funds to replace my prosthetic eyes. unfortunately, my insurance is being uncooperative, claiming I have no medical need for replacements. Since these prosthetic devices cost a mint, I need your help. So, please donate here: t.co/jbAaj9KCZS @gofundme

Hello folks. This needs your help to make it to the 2024 Paralympic Games. t.co/0OP13FhYHr
also, check out my page at facebook.com/blindathletescorn
Have a heart folks! It's the holidays!

I have someone on twitter stating that I have been chosen to receiver $20,000 bia certified check. now, lets see if this is for real or a scam.

well, @twitter is still committing against us . I hope the freedomwatch class action gets approved.

btw, this mastodon client has a couple of accessibility issues which makes it hard for me to keep up with the timeline. so bear with me.

whoa. taking a look at the services entry for WhaleBird in OS X, it turns out I can encrypt messages using GPG. :) Now, that offers possibilities.

well, it appears that twitter is taking great pains (and subtlety to try and silence conservative voices.

well, twitter is still pulling their nonsense of as well as dropping members without cause.

So, I am probably going to spend more time over here. btw, for those who might not get my username, it is my callsign. I also happen to be a Athlete (in training of course). SO, I will probably post here more often than the other place.

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@bigzaphod well, that works only so long as you have room under the bed (unless you happen to be hiding a TARDIS under there). :)

well, I am using WhaleBird on my Mac, and it's only minimally accessible for a blind user. anyone have any suggestions for a better mac client?

Hello everyone! Finally found an app that will work for me here on Mastadon. Anyway, twitter looks like it’s going to be a dead issue sometime in the next couple of months.

Also, I am a blind athlete and I have a facebook page here: facebook.com/blindathletescorn so check it out! :)


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