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Hi, I'm Alex - I'm a technologist, cyberactivist, and graphic designer from scenic Boston, MA working to make the open web a better place. Follow me for toots and takes about digital culture, online policy, That Gay Shit™, typography, and the future of our shared internet! 💾 ✌️ ✨

the only difference between metadata and meat data is a sharpie and some lean beef

some packets contain e-worms, or autoimmune infections knows as "computer worms". antivirus software can identify these packets by their red bandanas and stop them from clambering inside your mainframe

when you connect to online, million of packets run through the interconnected tubes to find your favorite websites and email addresses. they look like this

really considering how to not only be online more, but also online *better*, *faster*, and more *effectively*


creating a IFTTT script to become my own reply guy

Say it with me folks

👏philanthropic 👏 billionaires 👏 are 👏 ego 👏 driven👏 maniacs👏and👏should👏not👏be👏trusted👏or👏celebrated👏especially👏not👏when👏their👏accumulation👏of👏wealth👏directly👏caused👏the👏problems👏they👏purport👏to👏be👏fighting👏

@NETIZEN hmm a couple names I recognize, guess I’ll throw a fav at it

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