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Obligatory :

Hi, I'm Alex - I'm a technologist, cyberactivist, and graphic designer from scenic Boston, MA working to make the open web a better place. Follow me for toots and takes about digital culture, online policy, That Gay Shit™, typography, and the future of our shared internet! 💾 ✌️ ✨

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I am inconsolably jazzed that this platform exists. As our online cultures and rights are increasingly assaulted by powerful industries, cyberspaces like prove we won't give up our open web without a fight.

Due to the new GDPR, Facebook will ask all of its users in the EU to accept being tracked, although it won't stop all tracking if they disable it. But there is no "decline" button, it just takes you to a page of inscrutable settings.

Horray for hollow victories.

I was just trying to go to Trader Joe’s. I was only trying to get to Trader Joe’s.

I was so focused on workshopping a post for this god damn web zone that I got on the wrong train TWICE and now I don’t know where I am

what IS social media anyway, if not an ""electric boogaloo"",,

I ...d.d.ont know what to do with this information,,

In other news, the CEO of Neopets was a literal Scientologist who credited L. Ron Hubbard's "business technology" as part of his business model, which is uh.... confusing?

@NETIZEN I just had a tab open with this article from March which can be a good companion:
"Ungoverned Space: How Surveillance Capitalism and AI Undermine Democracy"

Looking for a concise breakdown on why Facebook + Google are bad for culture and democracy? Melissa Scanlan & The Guardian have you covered:

In just a few short paragraphs, this article is a super powerful summary of the tyranny of these ad companies' business models. Nice!

In personal news, tomorrow, I'm interviewing for an internship with a company that designs AR wearables to help young people on the autism spectrum address brain challenges!

Technology design AND ethical and inclusive treatment of users? That's, uh, literally my whole brand

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And as we expected, Zuckerberg also insisted that Facebook “does not sell user data.” While that may be technically true, it’s beside the point. No matter how the CEO slices it, Facebook’s business revolves around monetizing user data and attention.

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EFF's Executive Director, Cindy Cohn, tells @TNW that Facebook isn't the only problem: it's “the whole system of ad-based models.  I called it ‘the surveillance business model'”


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me when i became official with my bf

“There was a dream when the internet was born, of a cartoon dog who could be anything he wanted to be when he barked online. That’s a dream worth protecting.” — our beloved @veronica tweeted by @mozilla

Daily reminder that "we never sell you data to 3rd party" doesn't cover "their" data.

Aka all the analytics and the $$ info about "your data".

Today in news: CEO says "open racism" is not against the site's rules.

I bet that reddit users might have strong feelings about policy like this, but they have been intentionally excluded from the discussion.

Why is it acceptable that some random dude gets to make sweeping platform policy choices that affect the lives of reddit's entire userbase? Why doesn't reddit's democratic approach to its content apply to its policy?

Oh, right. Advertisers.