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Hi, I'm Alex - I'm a technologist, cyberactivist, and graphic designer from scenic Boston, MA working to make the open web a better place. Follow me for toots and takes about digital culture, online policy, That Gay Shit™, typography, and the future of our shared internet! 💾 ✌️ ✨

music for airports but it’s shitposts for communists

fox news: voting for democrats will being communism to america


The Pacific Wave movement reached its height in probably the late 80s but it's been rippling across the logic and aesthetics of tech since then. Greiman designed the future while the future was still putting on its shoes. The intersection of type, digital media, architecture, real and imagined space, the dissolving of traditional form, everything she's done has changed your life and hopefully drives you to imagine a world unbounded, much as she did.

If you used a Mac computer before 2005 April Greiman owns your fucking subconscious, and personally I cannot wait until my brain dissolves completely and I can wander about in the halls April Greiman carved out in the great marble mines of my brainscape

April Greiman killed postmodernism and hung it above her mantlepiece. April Greiman will fuckin put modernity in jail. April Greiman is the beating heart of every Children's Museum on earth, April Greiman will have her revenge on Steve Jobs

April Greiman's work is lodged in the back of your brain and you don't even know it. As far as I can tell, she's the only human to accurately depict a computer's dreams.

@NETIZEN big goal line stop on 1st down and they named our dog leo and my insides melted and my glasses fogging up, im like like hey girl hey whats up:


an experience I had using the new iOS today...

me: hey siri, turn on bluetooth

siri: you'll need to provide me with a mote of your Life Essence first

me *opening my chest like a potbelly furnace to extract a mote of my life essence*: haha ok

siri: thanks. your bluetooth is on

me: amazing. that really hurt

tying up my bindle-stick, swinging it o’er my shoulder, and heading online

@NETIZEN thank you for reminding me to listen to american football

on my tombstone: "haha wow this really blew up"

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