lmao - love masto, always open-source
omg - our mod @Gargron
wtf - welcome to fediverse
imho - instance moderation & hosting opportunities
smfh - so many furries here
idgaf - I decentralized; gotta avoid facebook

@NETIZEN disclaimer: this term to be used sparingly, since it may not be gender neutral

@NETIZEN @Gargron I am so happy someone made this. I think I need to post this to facebook just for the irony.

@wakest aw thanks! you totally should, gotta get that cross platform promo ⚡️

@wakest and your facebook crossposter posted it back to mastodon, thus the circle continues

@slipstream fuck I always forget about that. it goes facebook > twitter > twitter > mastodon

@wakest @NETIZEN can i also repost from the mastodon twitter account?

@NETIZEN @Gargron

asap - awooing socialist-anarchist pineapples
rtfm - read the federation manual
gtfo - gender transition friendly oats
jk - jorts kink
ftw - for the wouldn't'st'd've'ldn't
fyi - finding y'all incredible
ffs - follower friday subtoots
tfw - that federating witch
yolo - y'all oughta love oats
ofc - occult federation coven

@megfault @NETIZEN @Gargron

js - joined switter
ok - occult koding
atm - avoid totes malice

@NETIZEN @Gargron I sure hope so... Oh wait, do I even have a child? I'm pretty sure no. And if so, then why don't I know about them?

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