For today’s I thought I’d show GameRig 3’s console tower. On the bottom is my Orignal Xbox with replaced hard drive and a PC with windows XP. It holds some MP3’s that I can transfer to the Xbox for those games that allow custom soundtracks. Following that is the GC with GBA player and Sega Dreamcast. Next shelf is a PS2 Slim and the next two PS2 slims as back up. On top is my old LCD TV with a DVD player.

So far so good greenhouse
Checked the greenhouse at nightfall and so far the roof is holding. Most of the snow inside I couldn’t scoop actually melted and I couldn’t see my breath inside so the small heater is working. If the wind doesn’t pick up crazy and the snow doesn’t pile up too much Dad may not lose his plants. I call that a win.

Lucked out today, more or less, when it came to the snow. We didn’t lose power/internet but was busy patching my dad’s greenhouse roof. He was very grateful since he lost his greenhouse at my sister’s due to high winds. Last thing I did was dig out/move “Teh Waifu”s vehicle so she has a better chance to head to work. May just drive her in myself. We shall see. 🤷‍♂️

Greenhouse patched
Took awhile, and some help from my bro, but we got the snow off and used some boards to raise the roof. The snow is the worst kind: cold and sticky. Perfect for snowballs/snowman making but not for roofs only made with plastic, PVC pipe and simple pipe anchors. So far the plants look fine but had to set up a heater just in case. Plus some snow got in due to some rips. Will check in it throughout the day.

Greenhouse collapse
Tragedy strikes! My Dad’s greenhouse’s roof collapsed due to the heavy snow on it. Despite this it still was warm but need to clear it off to see what was possibly lost. 😱

The Yakuza Series on PlayStation 4
It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been wanting to play the Yakuza series for years when it was released on the PS3. I had DLed them on Xbox thanks to Game Pass but sadly never got around to them. So when they got pulled and I saw Yakuza 0, 1, 2 and 6 for sale on PSN I decided to finally jump in. For now I’ll be playing this series on Friday nights cause I’ve been told too much manliness is dangerous. 😂

A Winter’s Daydream on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita
My first storybook game. More like an adventure game with lots of text and still images. Seemed like a fitting game given the setting and theme of my current time. Another PSN cross-buy title I can see myself playing this game more on my PS Vita than on my PS4. The story plays similar to my life in a way in regards to countryside vs city living.

Corridor Z for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita
I’m always on the hunt for PSN cross-buy titles that are on sale. This one happens to be a heavily discounted PS+ members. For $.79 it can’t be that bad. In reality it’s one of those corridor running games you see on mobile phones but instead of swiping to move, pick up, push items in the way of zombies you move the joystick. Can’t say I’d play it much on PS4 but PS Vita probably.

Spoke too soon on posts. Figured GiGi would rather sleep off her shots in her bed box but instead chose me as I watch the Japanese version of “Dawn of the Dead”.

No posts from me today due to one cat being put in time out for misbehaving and the other is at the vet getting her shots. Instead here is a cat trying to feed on a loaf of bread. 😈

SAO Abridged Parody: Episode 16
Sword Art Online Abridged Episode 16 just dropped this afternoon. If you want a good laugh and an actual BETTER story than the original check it out!

Apocalipsis: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil on PlayStation 4
Another game on sale I wanted to give a try. It looks like one of those “games at art” kind of games which would explain why it was so insanely cheap. It plays like a point-and-click adventure game but with some really dark imagery and heavy moral themes. First scene is of the girl you loved getting hung from a chain. Now that’s dark. 😳

Shikhondo - Soul Eater on PlayStation 4
I love me some bullet hell SHUMPs. So when I saw this game for sale I had to give it a go. The trailer seemed to show decent gameplay and graphics though I will admit it’s no CAVE shooter. The Japanese look and sound of the game makes it fit in very well with the other SHUMPs I have on my PS4.

I decided to stop by my area Dollar General to get a PSN Gift Card and I noticed they had a huge line at checkout. I normally shop at this store for my MS/PSN/eShop gift card needs so I’m familiar with how busy it can normally be.

Thankfully everyone in line was understanding why the line was so long. This store has a hard time keeping workers and they only have one register.

Kinda makes me glad I live in a rural area where there are those that are can be patient instead of being ugly.

Book of Boba Fett
Much like with Marvel’s “Loki” I don’t get why many are not liking “Book of Boba Fett”. Sure it’s a slow burn and the flashback sequences are getting a bit long but the show’s got to explain how Boba got to where he is story wise right?

The show does have a few hiccups but nothing blatantly hideous. It may not be up there with “The Mandalorian” (which may not say much depending where you sit on that one) but so far it’s still better than the Disney Star Wars movie trilogy. 🤢

Castlevania: Seal of the Eclipse -- Announcement Trailer
I miss me some Castlevania. I’m glad fans are trying to keep the hope alive, by making a game that’s to depict the 1999 Demon Castle War spoken of in lore, but I’m afraid with this reveal Konami will start sending cease and desist letters. 😭

I’ve been taking shorter and shorter naps after coming home from work. Last week I was sleeping up to 6 hours but this week I’m down to 3 hours depending how hard work was that day. That’s progress at least. 🤷‍♂️

Tony Jaa breaking bones Revenge of the Warrior -- Tom Yum Goong
Someone needs to add a “bones broken” counter in the corner of the screen with this video. 😈

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