Kashmir a part of Jammu & Kashmir with around 1 million people have been put down under a communication blockade by India. It has been 100 days and since August 5th the Internet has been shut down. The people in the worlds largest democracy are not allowed to dissent. The world needs to talk more about Kashmir as we Indians have failed them.

Bring back the troops India, you can’t cage people under gun point


Which party do you feel will do Kashmir justice? You have said that the Cong toi has failed to do that, isn't it?

@NSure @Deepsealioness What would justice be for Kashmir? Keep thinking when the highest court has fallen any justice would just be an illusion. Don't have hope in any political party to provide Justice For Kashmir.


@Vishsai I do not know, friend... If it were in my hands, I would think letting Kashmiris decide would be the best way.

If they decide to go to Pakistan, fine

If they decide to become independent, fine

If they want to join India, they should be given equal status as any other State

If you have a different. better thought, do share!!

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@Vishsai Its ok, not our fault... Coz neither do the bumbling politicians seem to know anything!

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