Dr Manmohan Singh writes: “I urge the Prime Minister to set aside his deep-rooted suspicion of industrialists and entrepreneurs and nurse us back to a confident and mutually trustworthy society that can revive the animal spirits and help our economy soar.”

@DilliDurAst if the person under whom the biggest ever corruption took place gives lecture to anyone then indeed it has to be taken seriously... :kerbal: :kerbal:

@NSure @DilliDurAst that's your OPINION.. You can have any opinion.. atlast recent SC verdict in favour of Rafael won't matter to you as it doesn't suit your agenda .. so to hell with facts ..


@ravsd84 @DilliDurAst

Won't suit modi's agenda, will it, if the truth is out??

Any 12 year-old can read the escalation in cost per aircraft under NDA. A few years older & the child can understand the awarding of grants to Ambani too.

So much for YOUR OPINION!!

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@NSure @DilliDurAst yes even a 12 year old can understand that there is no issue but people blinded with hatred for Modi won't see it... Plz go and file case in SC again if you have issue... Where are your legal eagles who had opened court in mid night to save a terrorist ? Go tell them..

@ravsd84 @DilliDurAst

Don't fret, don't be fooled into thinking the SC 'verdict' has settled matters.

If at all your advise on whether to contest the verdict is required, it will be asked.

Go cover yourself in cowdung, so you see only modi, hear only modi, speak only modi

@ravsd84 @DilliDurAst

You may have all the time to make asinine judgments all by your 'glorious' self, I've no time for cowdung-reeking bucolic baboons like you!

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