Okay, okay - you got me: I forgot to say "NYC2600 this Friday at CitiGroup Center Atrium. Take the 🅔, 🅜, or ➏ to Lexington Av-53 Street Station" this month.

...except, I just did. 2600.nyc

@NYC2600 welcomes all the fleeing twitter refugeelons into The Federation, and we invite you to swap the virtual metaspace you've been accosted at for a real actual meet-space that you'll grow accustomed to: the Citigroup Center Atrium.
Take the 🅔, 🅜, or ➏ trains to Lexington Av-53 Street
Station. Hacking hour starts at 5PM. Further details at 2600.nyc

Absolutely nothing of notable significance is happening. The 🅔, 🅜, and ➏ trains will be skipping Lexington Av-53 Street Station in about two hours from now.
(I really wanted to say "2600's been cancelled" this April Fools' day, but people might think it's true... and because it's the kind of statement one would associate with DEFCON rather than 2600.)

We interrupt your World War III to bring you your regularly-scheduled NYC2600 meeting.

Check 2600.nyc later today for details.

Thanks to the new CDC guideline of "Have you tried rebooting your COVID pandemic?" we are not meeting in person tomorrow (phooey!), so everybody go back to your ~ and dust off the webcam like it's 2020 all over again...

mastodon.social/@NYC2600/10670 ...so it turned out to be "Omicron", but you have to admit we were pretty close with "Objective COVID". Come discuss new variants at the old haunt!

You read that right: for the first time in a very, very, very, very, "I can't remember how long", long time we are back at the Citigroup Center!

So get that hoodie on, hop on the 🅔, 🅜, or ➏ and hop off at Lexington Av-53 Street Station - this is the one meeting you'll regret skipping!


We're back!

That's right, folks: NYC2600 is meeting in-person and in-doors!

So wash up, do your laundry, head down to The Atrium at 875 Third Avenue (between 53rd and 54th Streets), park your butt next to old friends, and we'll have an F12ing good time!

🅔, 🅜, or ➏ to Lexington Av-53 Street Station
M101, M102, or M103 bus.

If you scraped any Epik data, does that mean you've taken a leak?
— or —
Anonymous returned from hiatus: why haven't you?
— or —
Is next week's release in China going to be branded "Windows Xi?"
— or —
Why are you still reading this when 2600.nyc is so much more informative?

When you're done pumping Ida's overactive bladder (and probably a few others' too) out of your work-from-home makeshift do-it-yourself server room in your basement-turned-swimming-pool... 2600.nyc ...misery is an experience best shared (in memes doesn't count).

SARS ← You Were Here
COVID δ ← You Are Here
Objective COVID
COVID Containers ← You Wish You Were Here

The Atrium, 875 Third Avenue ← You Should Be Here
Lexington Av-53 Street Station 🅔🅜 ➏
M101, M102, or M103 bus.

2600.nyc​ ← Always Here

Y'know that thing where the weather sucks and y'don't wanna go outside?...

...who'd a-thought it'd be such a boon!

Stay home, go online, order in, and drop 0-days this Friday. See 2600.nyc for details.

We tried consulting with the CDC for their latest guidelines but they appear to have left their website unchanged since 2019.

In the absence of up-to-date information from the Cult of the Dead Cow, tomorrow's NYC2600 meeting will be entirely RTFM.

...that is to say "@Rob_T_Firefly's Memo" at 2600.nyc

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Hey, it's Gila's and my third wedding anniversary!

Among our celebrations is this neat cue card from official #SNL cue-carder Wally Feresten commemorating our wedding date and location as well as our official portmanteau couple name for shippers. (Image marked sensitive for EC)

We hear NFTs have become very popular. Had we known, we could have cashed in our trademark NFTs and made some serious "cha-ching!"...

...but then they wouldn't be "Nerds Freely Talking" ("Freely" as in "cha-ching!").

Replentish your NFT reserves tomorrow! See 2600.nyc for details.

This year's April Fool RFCs sucked.
Make up for it by hanging around with NYC2600 tomorrow night.

See 2600.nyc for all the juicy details.

If there really were some conspiracy behind these COVID vaccines, then we'd've told you "Let the nanorobots connect you over 5G to our meeting on Microsoft Teams"...
(By the way, don't wear tinfoil hats: it makes targeting you with the Jewish space lasers much easier.)

Snowed in? Hang out! Meet the friendly igloo-weller in your network neighborhood at NYC2600!

See 2600.nyc for further details; use only as directed; consult a doctor if virtual meeting exceeds 3 hours.

Friends! Hackers! All o'youse! Listen to me: we gonna bury 2020 and NEVER reboot it.
Once your hangover is gone, head on over to 2600.nyc/

It's that time again!
[ spins wheel:wheel, lands on "reboot" ]
♩...here's the domain-y!♩


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