Today marks a decade of freelancing 🎂

A few years, including the last one, have absolutely sucked, but overall I don't regret leaving my old job, leaving my shit old boss and a couple of awful coworkers in my dust, or not even applying for salaried roles in the past decade.

Interviewed for one salaried job in London by request, described my life in the hills and why I moved there, and their face fell with "oh. It's not the money you care about is it?"

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Today though, I'm clearing a house in Manchester, in preparation to move there.

Was lucky to find the place I did in the hills so cheap seven years ago, but landlady has sold it and we all have to go now. There's nothing like it there now. I'm going to miss riding a bike up steep hills from my front door

@Nach just about to relocate up North as well, and for pretty much the very same reason. Hills and lakes. GG on the 10 years though!

@korruptor I got much fitter living somewhere steep. Probably just going to buy a weight bench when I get to Manchester 😅

@Nach man I’ve put on so much weight since being back in the uk. Hoping those hills have the same effect on me :D

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