Denmark pays students $1,000 a month to go to universities. No tuition fees.. and in India the government gets the police to thrash them..

@commandlinekid @Shudraism @probalc @IndiasMuslims @bbcindia @musafir @Deepsealioness I'm just going to follow the new bots really. It's useful to get information and news directly here instead of looking at Birdsite again and again.

Thank you for this.

The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr.

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), The Prophet Of Islam

Some of us have had really bitter experience over Twitter and that makes us colour this platform. Let's not carry the twitter experience here. And make a fresh beginning. And not make rules of what is to be done. Let's be open to new things. We unconsciously tend to bend towards our past experiences. So without coloring things into black and white let's make use of this wonderful platform in as many ways as we can.


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Once Indira Gandhi also loved this idea of strong Delhi with liberal use of Art 356. The states which stood behind her even in 1977 elections today are ruled by regional parties.
Modi is following Indira with added arrogance. History does not have different rules for different people. #PresidentRuleInMaharashtra

How many of you remember to give enough time to BJP, in July 2017, Bihar Governor Keshrinath Tripathi was hospitalised?
From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, these Governors acts like stooges of Dilli Sultanate. This post must be abolished.

Fuck you BJP and your corrupt ways and puppet governor. Endless time for BJP to decide whether it can form govt. Shiv Sena must tell ASAP. Now NCP breezed through without waiting fordeadline. Apparently not even bothering to ask Congress.

President's rule!

Aukat nahi hai sarkar bananeki to bhad mein jao. Go to Ayodhya.

Lately Twitter is behaving like Indian Politicians, like Votes collecting revenues from us, but shoeing us as soon as purpose solved

For those who may not be following this news, multiple reports of in been shot by . Reports of police trying to ram protestors with bikes.

The arrogance of using the ED against Sharad Pawar and taking the Thackerays for granted, will cost the new Peshwai , the same way that arrogance cost the old one at Panipat.

Governor invitation for Ajit Pawar:

Governor: Do you have Numbers.?
Ajit Pawar: No sir..
Governor: ok, Thank you..!
__meeting ends__

Statement by Rajbhawan: we invited all the three parties and as no one can't form the government, we are interested in imposing President rule in the state.😂

The man in white kurta serving food is 2 time Minister in Bengal & leader Kanti Ganguly. He has opened his house for people of strom-stricken villages in South 24 Pgs. Local MLA Debashree Roy of Trinamool, accused of financial scam, is missing.

Just some facts and observations:
Adolf : learned Nationalism from German workers party
Modi : from RSS

Adolf: good oratory skills
Modi: good oratory skills

Adolf: Nazi party had Schutzstaffel
Modi: BJP has RSS

Adolf: believed in greater Germany
Modi: Akhand Bharat

Adolf: Corrupt and coward Weimar Republic
Modi: Congress

Adolf: Hatred for minority religious group
Modi: Hindu khatremein hai

Adolf: History in schools was changed to suit his viewpoint
Modi: Re-writing History

Liberals - move on, respect the judgement, BJP does not have an election issue, take it well - RG is right, ab Loya discuss karenge.

SC has greeted Advani with a happy birthday.


Didn't think mastodon would be a thing so soon. Some seriously engaging and informative discussions happening there. Do come over of you are not there yet.


Whichever way #Babri_RamMandir_Verdict goes today - remember, demolition of the #babrimasjid by a majoritarian mob flouting Supreme Court orders will remain a crime awaiting punishment. Today's verdict isn't a verdict on that crime.

Abhi twitter pe hote to high bp ki dava khani pad jaati. That level of toxicity.

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