It didn't last long, but I caught the nicest part of the Celtics v. Pacers game tonight. I swear, I'm an adult. 😃

Just like the Del's Lemonade shandy, the watermelon flavor is present but not stupidly overpowering. Another winner for summer from

Do you know your status regarding HIV and other STDs? If you can't say yes for sure, make the time to get tested soon!

And maybe you'll get a cool nuclear green bandage wrap like me!


I know there's much larger issues the world over does Boston not have a legit alternative station?

WFNX held a standard other stations revered so much they had on air tributes region wide.

We'll never get that back, but Boston was a huge player in the alt rock scene.

I kinda wanna take my last week of vacation off work this year and do something crazy like drive to California.

Sure I wouldn't have a ton of time to spare for extra stuff but I've never driven cross country and always wanted to.

Dealing with ongoing car trouble and one of my credit card issuers is relentlessly sending me emails on auto financing pre-approval.

They know. >.>

Decided to delete my tweet that has that Zw*****'s tweet quoted in it, it's just giving them free advertising.

My whole feed is plastered with the brand now!

It kinda doesn't surprise me though, that someone would eventually make a $6000 partial suit and market it as a fashion product. I know way more people in the fandom now holding down six figure incomes than any other area of my life. The money is here for it, no doubt.

The seabreeze is blowing the smell of the ocean into the neighborhood tonight and it makes me feel ALIVE! Can't wait for the summer and going to the beach.

Little bit of free advice if you're young and a smoker, make that effort to quit and make it stick.

I've been smoking off and on for twenty years, with several quit attempts, and at age 34 have advanced gum recession and now infection despite routine brushing and flossing.

Nahani And The No Good Awful Terrible Day And It's Only 10AM And It Might Get Worse. 🙃

Ever just stay up too late drinking and wondering if everything is gonna work out?

The number one thing I have learned from home improvement, is if the shelf you're putting up is holding three things that weigh a total of ten pounds, use seventy-five pound rated anchors anyways.

First replacement steering rack lasted me just over two months before failing, second replacement steering rack lasted me all of three weeks.

Can I be upset now? I think I can be upset now.

Gonna sell my car at Big Bill Hell's, home of challenge pissing.

Feels so weird to be looking at selling my car off and getting something different. I've had the same car for almost ten years. Nothing is in stone yet, though.

I keep seeing those "RETWEET OR EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE WILL SUCK FOREVER" chain letter type posts.

I already got enough going on, why would you pass that on to me, fam? 😐

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