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Hey there, I'm Hallie (you may also call me Hannah). I'm a trans nb gal that has a deep love for The Legend of Zelda and ARMS and I serve as the Site Manager for the forum-based Zelda RPG: Tales of Hyrule.

You can find me on:

You can also find my art here:
I don't have a commissions page, but if you are interested in commissioning me for art, feel free to message me!

think i burnt myself out on game and disheartened about some other stuff 😔

think ill have to be more excited for a different game or something.

whenever people say 1080p, all my brain ever hears is 10adp

ggfhfdfg im watching more deadly premonition and oh my god the driving in this game is unholy

lrt dont forget that the shutdown as is isnt necessarily permanent, the requirement is for the review to be finished beforehand

time for early voting cause texas dumb and refuses to let voting happen safely 🙃

time to watch video games.... twin peaks edition!!!!

i dont think im gonna finish the original deadly premonition before the new one comes out and id rather get right to playing it so i need to find a good place to watch it... for as few playthroughs of there are of it

would like ppl to stop hyping up some shows, i keep getting extremely disappointed

inside backing of my chair literally snapped at a touch

at least i cant feel any difference with it gone

thats all i really gotta say i guess
anyways someone find the sad wolf man a boyfriend

ok i finished bna i guess and it was kinda whatever took some of the same whatever story routes as promare near the end did things kinda whatever
if you know trigger writing you know whats gonna happen and its eh

my face is hot from laughing nd i have tears on my gace IM cyfitfgh

The Ring Fit Trainee deserves a trainer that's not just a ring. And they can be good friends :)

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