@sanjayuvacha I see a few handles on Twitter purporting to be you. Are any of those run directly by you or your office? Or is this the only one till you rightfully kick Twitter’s backside in the court of law?

Citizenship Amendment Bill has been introduced in the Rajya Sabha and the Home minister has said that will be implemented across India.
We will be sharing our multilingual primers.
We have one message for the people, don’t panic be prepared

This is where you get when you hate education.
You share an iconic, inspiring image of non violent resistance - the #TankMan at #TiananmenSquare thinking it's an image celebrating the tank not the protest!
PS: JNU student movement in 1989 stood in solidarity with #Tiananmen!
Also, read CPIML mag Liberation's coverage of #TiananmenMassacre in 1989 & 2019 at the link below, also China's less visible though equally chilling repression of Marxist Univ student activists today

@prem_k @vimoh @gautamghosh @beastoftraal @NakulShenoy @sanjayuvacha They are building a centralized silo, just like facebook--ignoring all the progress we have made for social media since 2016.

Gautam gambhir needs a contractual agreement for his MP duties. Someone please oblige

So an impersonator had set up this account, but the kind admins at @Mastodon intervened and helped me gain access to this account. End result: I have an account all ready and waiting to be used!


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