1. what kind of content do you like reading here?
2. What kind of content you miss here
3. Apart from lack of toxicity what is best you find here ?
4. What features do you miss?
5. Rate on a scale of 1-5 , 1 being lowest 5 being highest on you experience so far on



In the interest of social justice, we need

1) info on social support groups on ground to help/ support weaker sections

2) access to justice, legal aid info

3) skilling workshops at no/ reasonable cost from NGOs info

4) alternative and innovative education support at ground level for weaker section

5) crowdsourced initiatives to support above initiatives and nutrition of kids

@Deepsealioness The need of the hour is affirmative and proactive action to empower the weaker section with a helping hand from empowered peers (through privilege, networking, information, knowledge etc)

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