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"Hallo," the knight called at the tower.
A princess looked out a window at the top. "Yes?"
"Did you build this tower yourself?"
"I like it. Can I have a copy of your plans?"
"If you credit me."
"Of course. My niece will love it."
"As long as she has the keys."
"Of course."

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I love the fact that I've made friends with a lot of the employees at the coffee shop I frequent, because when I buy donuts, they sneak me a few extra. it makes it easier to feed more ppl when I get more than I pay for. I mean I never expect them to, but I don't complain when they do.

Just kinda venting on here because I have like maybe one or two whole active followers on this site and it's whatever I don't have to worry about bothering anybody Show more

do you ever just draw ur ship trying to do that cutesy "share the last bite" thing but one of them is too big a weenie?

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A few friends encouraged me to do it, so here is Crowley in a dress. I did a lot of bullshit with layer effects and filters so the dress wouldn't look so plain and I'm done. I'm tired. Enjoy

do you ever hear a song and you're just "Wow, this is the biggest [insert OC here] mood"

well, that's been "Shadows" and "Master of Tides" by Lindsey Stirling for me. biggest Crowley moods.

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WELL-MEANING FRIEND: You should be a writer!

MY BRAIN: If you put an R in the word 'confused' it can become 'cornfused;' haha imagine if people were fused with corn so often we needed a compound word for it

ME: Thank you. That is very kind of you to say

I'm being a clown and procrastinating on trying to play Skyrim again, even tho I want to rly badly

Speaking of My Boy, he's very cute with his boyfriend

My friends and I all started a small one-shot group because a lot of us are new, and a couple of us are still powering through college and don't have a lot of time.
I just AU'd a pre-existing OC and made him a tiefling wizard. I might fix the horns more forward, but otherwise I'm glad I finally have a general design for him.

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From the same #dnd meme, one person suggested I ought to be a tiefling bard! Not my usual flavour, but I think I look plenty cute and I *did* take violin for 6 years. #art #mastoart #creativetoots #selfportrait

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oh and a quick sketch of my #DnD character Barnacle.

They are a Dragonborn Rogue and since they come from a small port village, I based them off a marine iguana.

They are very nervous usually. More stealth than stab

#mastoart #creativetoots

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Thank you, everyone! The Kickstarter was successful! <3

And here's some extra happy news: in the time that we got funded, Loyal Li was finally accepted a junior associate lawyer at his dream firm. ✨🐺 We're so proud of him! 💖