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And that is why I will continue to put information out there and try to get it to as many people as possible, even though a bunch of internet memes want me to calm down and drink tea.

Trump on Hydroxychloroquine: "It's been around for a long time, so we know if things don't go as planned it's not going to kill anybody."

Fox News: “Drug cleared by Trump, FDA for coronavirus testing also found in fish tanks.”

Take them both off the air.
Man Dead From Taking Chloroquine Product After Trump Touts Drug For Coronavirus:

Individuals and companies continue to step up where the POTUS fails.

Ford joins 3M, GE in speeding up ventilator, respirator production | Article [AMP] | Reuters

I'm self employed in construction related business in UK. Not out on site today as very confused by UK govt advice. I do work on my own, have virtually no contact with other workers or public and can easily keep away from people if they come near. But feel I have duty of care to other people not to go out.

Anyway I have a cat helping to keep me sane today. #UKlockdown

Trump pushed this as an idea even as Dr. Fauci said it was not approved.

He is both responsible for them for saying it as well as for his poor response and lack of organization of supplies that will lead people to seek desperation-level measures.


Arizona man dies, wife ill after taking drug touted as virus treatment: "Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure" via @CBSNews

Top Tips from John M. Barry:

1. Maintain Discipline
2. Do something for your community (all in it together)
3. Even with the worst leadership, there is still reason for optimism

Ordering pizza from our local pizza restaurant, who have now converted to a delivery service for the neighborhood. Trying to support local, independent businesses. Plus, pizza! 🍕

I have said many times that the Republican Party should die. I did NOT mean that people who are Republicans should die. But that’s where this thing is heading. See Mississippi, for example.

Social distancing/physical distancing/safe-at-home/lock down/whatever you wish to call it is a strategy to create time to get other efforts in place (testing, hospital preparedness, etc.) in a fast-moving outbreak. 

It's been made a necessity by a slow to acknowledge, disjointed early response and a lack of the ramping up of necessary resources by the president and by the Republican Senate.

Stay at home if you can.
Limit contact when you are out.
Don't bash "both sides."
Vote blue.

I think Trump tolerates him more than listens to him.

A NYT story excerpt:

I understand why, but who wouldn't want to see it?

Fauci on Trump: 'I can't jump in front of the microphone and push him down'

Even Joe Manchin gets this.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin outlines Democratic concerns in coronavirus relief bill talks: “It seems like we are more focused on the big corporations and the health care of Wall Street than we are on the people in rural America and main street.”

We have so many priorities right now, but I really cannot wait to vote them all out.

If we aren’t taking care of first responders, we are failing.

The GOP is failing them.

It is infuriating to watching Trump, Pence, and pro-basketball players get priority testing, while health workers and first responders can't even get basic protective equipment.

It is infuriating to watch our know-nothing President and his right-wing propagandists deliberately risking the lives of Americans by lying about the threats of the pandemic.

We have to share these stories with everyone, whether they want to hear it or not. Our first responders require it.

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