The Eero is as good as the podcasts make it sound. Crazy-fast internet with full signal throughout the house. Frequent updates. App makes setup, monitoring, and maintenance easy.

Downside: expensive.

@NateBarham I’ll second this. I had some pro Ubiquiti stuff, but replaced it with the eero a couple weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. I’m getting great coverage without all the constant tinkering I did with my old setup.


@40Tech I had a Netgear with DD-WRT, and though I could tinker and change just about anything, it meant that in order to really get the most out of it, I *had* to tinker. Not to mention coverage would have been limited in some areas of our new (to us) house—and placement would have been really inconvenient.

Now? Eero by the gaming PC (wired) in the same room as the TV, two Beacons in either end of the house upstairs.

Done. ✅

@NateBarham Ah, DD-WRT. I remember that, and also using Tomato several years ago. Fun but endless tinkering. Don’t know if Tomato is even still around

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