(And I know I suck at writing a blog, but I try my very best)

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I'm participating in it since, well, I do have the time for it, don't I? And I write about it in my reinstated blog! necodos.de/?p=25

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Hey Guys, did you know about ?
It's a game jam about staying at home and making games during the current pandemic. If game jams are your thing you should check it out, it just kicked off two hours ago! staysafejam.org/

So, you know Parkway Drive? Those australian guys? They remade some of their songs in german, and it's somewhere between hillarious, fascinating and actually quite awesome. Check it out. youtube.com/watch?v=Huag2s7UPX

Also Persona 5 OST is great.
I like good Game OSTs.

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Does anyone btw know a mastodon client that's similar to tweetdeck? I'm still not really a fan of the standard webclient

On a different note:
the soundtrack of TLoZ: Twilight Princess is absolutely amazing. Thank you for your attention.

welp, stil an old one but way less shittier.

Oh jeez, still got that ancient avatar on here. lemme fix that

On the topic of things I completely forgot about:
Hey gang, what did I miss?

Mastodon aka the magical place where I see memes I saw 2 days ago on twitter.

On another note; I may or may not be working an a new avatar for my social media, since this one is about 4 years old and if you ask me it really shows it's age.

Although it's kinda dumb that the basic assembler can process silver ingots, but the basic refinery can't process silver ore, so I need the better refinery that literally nneds over a thousand steelplates alone.
That sure is more than my base has consumed so far in total.

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Like, before I've been death abusing to get a hold onto ANYTHING, and now with those tiers of refineries and assemblers it's much more accessible and early game is much more fun.

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well, maybe it's not _directly_ back to game dev, I'm having too much fun with Space Engineers right now. The Survival Overhaul has hooked me big time.

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Also also, the band Demon Hunter released two new albums, and I love both of them.

Also, go watch Rooster Teeth's gen:LOCK:
Awesome cast for awesome show.

So now that my exams are done, back to game dev it is!

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