Guess we're fucked guys. has passed the vote. If you're living in europe PLEASE go vote on May 26th. This is not acceptable.

Mastodon aka the magical place where I see memes I saw 2 days ago on twitter.

On another note; I may or may not be working an a new avatar for my social media, since this one is about 4 years old and if you ask me it really shows it's age.

Although it's kinda dumb that the basic assembler can process silver ingots, but the basic refinery can't process silver ore, so I need the better refinery that literally nneds over a thousand steelplates alone.
That sure is more than my base has consumed so far in total.

Like, before I've been death abusing to get a hold onto ANYTHING, and now with those tiers of refineries and assemblers it's much more accessible and early game is much more fun.

well, maybe it's not _directly_ back to game dev, I'm having too much fun with Space Engineers right now. The Survival Overhaul has hooked me big time.

Also also, the band Demon Hunter released two new albums, and I love both of them.

Also, go watch Rooster Teeth's gen:LOCK:
Awesome cast for awesome show.

So now that my exams are done, back to game dev it is!

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The federated Timeline scrolling so fast is dangerous.
I wanted to click on a toot and almost boosted gay porn.

And now my Attention is all over the place again. I really hope 2019's gonna be the year that I actually finish something for once lol

Tried to implement scaling my Canvas up, but it got a little... squashed. Not exactly what I expected. But the rest still works fine at least!

Also I had some problems that the game would take forever to update and slow down after a while. But that seems to be gone for now as random as it appeared. I guess that's good?

Finally got my handling of individual enemies figured out. Has been next to impossible in the old codebase, although its not that hard. I was just dumb, lol.
(And yes, again my mandatory Placeholder boxes.)

So far my Code is much more ordered and much nicer to look at. Let's see what's going to be like when I catch up to the old progress.

So after some inactivity I went back to JS and Phaser and began refactoring my code. Also I want to learn using git, and I guess that's not that easy with GMS and Godot?

reminds me that I should revive my blog. Oh well, I'll see that I'll post something that weekend.For now I feel like I don't have enough to fill a blog post.

Also I can "Export" variables into the visual editor and I imagine it to be so much more fun creating levels with it, idk

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