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Is there any reason why the marriage survey results are stored in old Microsoft OSP data formats? They should be in something like an odf file.

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Ryuji's English voice actor is 10/10.

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the left gotta cop some of those boston dynamics robots for the real antifa supersoldier

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building the consciousness stack on wetware was a poor idea, in retrospect

it'll be a lot more debuggable and easier to build upon if we move to a hardware + software system

migration can be done gradually using plugins and emulation layers, but we're going to have to do the platform-switch at some point

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pyne jacking it at 2 in the morning to gay porn is the most relatable he's ever been tbh

someone put the toilet roll on backwards at work. i can't believe i have to cohabitate with these ANIMALS

The fact is we won this campaign because we organised, we marched, and we propagandised. At the end of the day, if you can't disrupt someone's material reality, you won't have an impact. Direct action gets the goods.

When we announce that our victory is due to the righteousness of our cause, we imply that principles that haven't been legislated to our liking are NOT righteous and are undeserving, as if we live in a just world.

I have seen some argue we "won" the SSM survey due to the "correctness" of our demands.

I wish this were true. I wish things that were good and right and true were legislated into existence just by the virtue of morality. But this completely denies the reality of living in the society that we do.

Bitter sweet survey results. Almost 5 million people went out of their way to deny myself and my community rights.

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i feel like artists have the highest value in society tbh you all are so talented and i wish i had the energy to invest in developing a skill like that

Really excited that account migration is at the forefront of development for Masto - I really hope I can migrate my account soon <3

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Please, let's all stop using "Google" as a verb. They don't need us to passively support their domination of access to information.

Please remember that environmental protection movements must accompany anti-capitalist movements. Our own liberation is intrinsically tied to ecological protection and restoration.