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Alright I liked discord, but not anymore. Fuck discord. Fuck this. Fucking bastards.

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sewing! - and masculinity, gendering, misogyny, environmental pol Show more

My attempt to draw Chikorita from memory is... unsettling.

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every crime is a crime of passion if you love crime enough

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ok siri how do i translate my inside yell into outside ideas

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CRITICAL SECURITY UPDATE: Further details on the Synapse vulnerability affecting all versions prior to v0.34.1 (CVE-2019-5885) . Admins should upgrade immediately if they have not already done so. matrix.org/blog/2019/01/15/fur

i'm about to yeet this computer out the window

i know spotify is evil, but i am very grateful for them introducing me to paranoid void

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If we all stand on one side of the fediverse, then it will flip over and reveal the hidden timeline.

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Free private github repos means I get to hide my game about ecoterrorism when I apply for jobs. Thank you github.

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biggest problem with computers is they're still designed for people who like computers

Bad news: I swear I can feel the cold corrupting my cells into little virus factories
Good news: viruses are hardcore, so thank you for choosing me as your host

Might fuck around and be at the height of my intellectual power.

Maintaining legacy code makes me feel like an archaeologist trying the put the cryptic pieces of an ancient civilisation back together.

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