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my name is Zelda and I’m here to say
this is my Legend in a major way

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i wish stadia was fedi technology instead of google lmao

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- microtransactions
- asking if you want to sign up for the website's email newsletter for the site you're currently browsing
- free $25 shipping when you have a $24.99 item in your cart
- loading screens
- Games For Windows

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When it rains in Australia, it can be overwhelming in a positive way. It can encourage me to reflect on my perspectives.

When it rains in London, it's just oppressive and makes me feel more withdrawn.

10 year veteran coin and only ever play Dust II. I'm sorry, Gabe.

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just saw someone post under the handle "pythonmeister" and i had flashbacks to when my email address was wow_meister because i thought i was top shit for having a level 20 night elf

"Realism" as a way to avoid organising with working class folks and instead dialogue with elites is a game the left is destined to lose.

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welcome... to jurassic park
[camera pans out to show python 2, the nintendo 3ds, gtk 2, and other living dinosaurs]

going to get kicked off dev.to for posting about the revolution

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