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propaganda dell'azione

i wonder if accelerationist praxis actually IS an applicable strategy to pursue the important moral imperative of destroying javascript

and secondly, does this actually explain the shit that's been going on on the web for the last 5-10 years

y'know what. fuck it. i'll ask.

anyone know of any place that needs software devs who have mostly fucked around with storage/systems and a little bit of backend web development?

I'm thinking of setting up my own matrix homeserver...

Does anyone really use matrix? I really like the idea, and I have tried to use IRC but I kind of missed the boat so it's mostly filled with /g/ bullshit.

Would it be worth my time?

you: computer worm

me, wise: computer wyrm

As the consequences of climate change and global capitalism come to a head, at our current trajectory, the left are not going to be able to handle the crisis.

We need more control of either existing institutions or completely new ones that aim to ease the suffering of refugees, as well as public health services, public housing, and organisations for community safety.

I hope this year we can focus on establishing and building the critical infrastructure for these federations.

So, we're already beginning to see the impact of climate change on refugee applications:

Seriously concerning news. The current systems of refugee application and acceptance are designed in such a way as to delay and prevent as many successful applicants as possible.

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hello mastodon, i released my first LP the other day. if you like electronic music and you like seeing trans women succeed then please listen and share it with your friends! every purchase helps me and my wife pay our bills.

eight pieces of minimalist meditation and transfeminine noisemagic

I wish I wasn't so stressed out about work, I might have been able to enjoy AGDQ more :(

now, about boosts...

* apr 2007: "ReTweet" first used
* jan 2008: "RT @user" first used
* nov 2009: twitter adds retweet button

so far so good. no need to clog up feeds with multiples of the same stuff. now here's the problem:

* ~2009: people add comments to manual RTs
* apr 2015: twitter adds quote tweets

the biggest problems with quotes? they break context, and they lead to dogpiling. mastodon hasn't adopted quote toots, and probably never should.

i think we're also past the point of external media hosting on twitpic/yfrog/etc, since internal media hosting has become far more widespread. so the next thing is to look at replying and boosting statuses. starting with replies, because boosting is a bit more involved in analysis.

* nov 2006: @ reply first used
* may 2007: @replies adopted by twitter

not much to say here. i guess i'd note that it makes a service more conversation than status-oriented, but that's about it? conversation is good

we're obviously past the age of posting toots via sms, so let's start with hashtags.

* aug 2007: hashtags proposed by users as irc-channel metaphor
* july 2009: twitter starts hyperlinking hashtags
* 2010: twitter starts tracking "trending topics"

but of course the mistakes that twitter did were to attempt to apply an algorithm to trends, meaning words and phrases could trend, and some hashtags could be filtered out or censored.

I'll try any roguelike, but I have to say: Caves of Qud is the most comprehensive, stylish roguelike I have played.

Giving up on that project feels pretty bad.

Trying to port a c spectre PoC to rust, but this is frustratingly difficult!

"That was a pretty hard trick" is AGDQ speak for "please clap."