Hypothetical: if the government demands rights to backdoor a B2B software company's product, the resulting backdoor is compromised, and the customer's of the stated business are affected, who is liable? The government? The business?

I think it's important to understand that politics can't always be spiritually fulfilling. Undoing the damage of oppression is painful, and at times it will be boring.

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I live in Australia. I have created encryption technology which cannot be broken - ever; and social networking software with E2EE where the users control not only the keys, but also the *algorithms*. It's physically impossible for me or anybody else to backdoor your encryption. It's also trivial to provide the same basic ability to other fediverse software.

There is also an Australian law which forbids me from discussing encryption technology with people from other countries (quite stiff penalties).

Anyway this entire body of work is available to anybody in the world right now and it's equally impossible for me to take it back. The only thing that has changed is that I can no longer help you. It's up to you to get smart and I would suggest that you need to do it quickly.

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Here's a thought - maybe politicians who are a part of ostensibly left wing parties who consistently capitulate to the right aren't doing it out of compromise, but are aligned with the cruel worldview of conservatives.

joker in smash is the best thing to happen to me

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Bad: clearly sick with a fever
Good: hot bath feels even better

Excited to get home and finish making my present for secret santa!

when you tell a cis man to be considerate to anyone else, it's exactly like putting a stake through a vampire's heart

once the word "socialism" polls at 51% approval the revolution happens

friend zone. a zone filled with friends. i would love to go to there

I'd love to see something advance wars related in smash.

OUT NOW: Hostile Takeover, a comedy-horror #LDJAM game about quitting your job at the worst company of all time!


*Taking the most basic care of myself possible*

Oh yeah we on a glow up

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