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bruceremo le banche del cazzo

Americans discovering that PSYOPS are still effective on public internet platforms, and freaking the fuck out over it, reinforces other nations' posture that they are capable in information warfare.

Is it possible to get the PSG-1 before heading into the sniper wolf boss fight? 🤔 Or is the backtracking required to remove the Meryl model and prepare the event handlers for the fight?

Actually love my mum and dad a lot and want to emulate a lot of their behaviours.

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I was going to replace the text but I think I like it better this way.

Removing that mode of operation makes it much more difficult to place the blame on the victim. If you understand our interactions as collaborative, the culprit is always at fault for victimising their fellow person.

Either they did not take the actions required to prevent them from "losing" that interaction, or they did not ever stand a chance of "winning" and thus their their trauma is justified.

I've been thinking about the ways that victim blaming is intrinsically tied to the competitive lens through which we internalise our social interactions. Through that lens, we understand that the victim has "lost" the interaction by not performing in a way that bests culprit.

So I just got an email that someone wants to license one of my old band's songs for their low budget movie.

1. I have no clue how or where they heard it
3. What's the standard procedure for this and what can I expect???

We gotta be building local power structures parallel to the state, folks.

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Despite popular imagery, King Arthur had absolutely nothing of what we consider medieval England. He was supposed to be a key figure in driving back the Saxon invasions of the fifth-plus centuries, which I should like to point out is right smack in the middle of the time period commonly considered the fall of the Roman Empire.

That's right, King Arthur is practically Roman era, forget about all that Knightly Chivalry nonsense.

As far as I'm concerned, there shouldn't be any for profit organisations' floats advertising during the Pride march.