I'm researching what insurance companies advise businesses to limit liabilities during holiday party season. It's astounding how many of them say, in 2019, that to avoid sexual harassment claims, companies should have a dress code for their office parties, to "avoid provocative clothing".

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But this leads me to more questions! For eg: insurance companies provide coverage against sexual harassment lawsuits. Is this a very normal thing in the insurance world? (I learnt about this only today) What does it mean to be covered against a lawsuit, ethically?

Here's one employment practices liability insurance "example" of how such a policy can be beneficial to the company that takes it.

Obviously, the language used here is written with mind to sell this policy. So is it perfectly normal for a company to have an insurance company pay their legal fees while they continue to ignore the root cause of the problem?

@Neeneen Are there any laws there which encourages this or court ruling?

@Vishsai I think not! I think this is something insurance companies just seem to tell clients because it's a very normal thing to say? Must do more research now that I skimmed this surface

@Neeneen Sounds wrong to me. I mean they are basically saying that "it is expected that you will be harrased so herez a scheme!" :AAAAAA:

@ninad right? There are provisions for this, covered under "employment practices" insurance plans. I want to find studies or articles (something that isn't muddled up in insurance/legal jargon) about how this affects the person who is suing and what really happens to the company in terms of claims.

@Neeneen This is ridiculous. If anything, it's the women who should be offered legal assistance against corporates.

@ninad 🤷 that's corporate capitalism

But this is something to note: the next time someone says that they fought and won/lost a harassment lawsuit against a major corporate, and the company "settled" it, we must bear in mind that their insurance company must've taken care of most of their expenses. Business would go on.

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