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A short excerpt from 'Early Indians: The Story of Our Ancestors and Where We Came From':

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Some bhakts & BJP enthu cutless had taken videos Intnl airport to expose the RT-PCR cost racket 😂😂 these super intelligent, busters did NOT know, the MVA govt itself had been asking to lower the costs. Remember the airport is whose now? Comes under Central govt?

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Given Modi's track record of lying & peddling falsehoods, can we believe that 1 billion vaccines have been administered? Is there any independent verification of the claim?
indianexpress.com/article/indi via @IndianExpress

Tut. Adar Poonawalla paid a loving tribute to Gas Bag—insurance against hounding, I guess. Said India is a vast country so very difficult for dear old Gas Bag, without mentioning that the INC managed all-India vaccinations decades ago without all this fuss!

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Pl do read my column: how citizens are being the same right BJP enjoyed when in Opposition-- right to protest. twitter.com/HWNewsEnglish/stat

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The Mumbai Press Club condemns the filing of multiple FIRs against journalists and publishers that include Rajdeep Sardesai, Mrinal Pande, Vinod Jose, Zafar Agha, Paresh Nath and Anant Nath.

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India's reality leaves @rupagulab befuddled:
"India, always an enigma, now baffles people even more. It’s okay to illegally demolish a mosque, but if you dare demolish an illegal structure that belongs to a BJP supporter, you could be toast." nationalheraldindia.com/blog/r

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So says a guy who just published a fake survey during a roaring pandemic mishandled by Govt, when millions have lost jobs and worst is yet to come.

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Please take time if you can to support the cause to by joining a panel of distinguished speakers for a 9 August webinar organized by Dalitbahujans for Hany Babu.

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The only thing I strongly agree wt the Shiv Sena founder Thackeray, was, he'd say, statues are good only for pigeons, who merrily poop on them. All statues are a waste of public money. Seriously.

This govt is shit scared of students' uprising. Correctly so. Time they are

An editor of a regional newspaper who calls me names, labelled as Urban Naxal, maoist symoathiser 🙄😬🥺 which i remotely not, now sends me fraand request on FB! Ugh

youtube.com/watch?v=9DQvatMyYu -- govt formation in Maharashtra. on
(1st slot at 10:30, 2nd at 28:38)

Basically why is the media wanting answers from NCP-Cong, Sena to form the govt in a rush?

And how deliberately ideological issue is being raised to divert the attention. BJP has kept aside ideology when tied up wt PDP, RPI, Akali Dal

Replug | Today, Rajat Sharma, India TV's editor-in-chief, resigned as the president. In Feb 2015, Shatrughan Sinha said Sharma “is more influential than many ministers" and that he "can get a seat in any House, any award because he knows everyone.”

From 2016, Atul Dev and Praveen Donthi in: bit.ly/2CL6cG2

Last night the moon was orange, golden. A friend said it's the 2nd laat full moon of this year! Enjoy

Skewed data and the international community will lap it up?

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