Things that Govt said wud do

1. End Terrorism
2. End Black money
3. End Fake Currency
4. Boost Economy

Things that Demonetisation did

1. Cost 150 innocent lives
2. Destroyed Economy
3. Increasd fake currency
4. No impact on Black money

PM is so hardworking that, he does 4 rallies a day and wears four different costumes.

Sometimes, he has to change clothes in his planes toilets, where is head keeps banging to the sidewalls.🤣🤣 Just imagine his sacrifices and you are trending this stupidity👇👇

@Nehr_who Nehruji singing. *put the blame on me on me on me*


Impact of Demonetisation on jobs, real estate, agriculture, dip in GDP growth etc👇


Well, that was harakiri on while the enjoyed at our expense. The we have seems worse than being ruled by Kings centuries ago. :thaenkin: @Nehr_who

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