This place is so quiet, u can ask me anything about me? lets interact.

@Nehr_who what did you do in your 15 years of your PM rule that India's current PM blames everything bad on you ?

@Nehr_who Kuch toh ungli ki hai nehru ji aapne

aaj bhi aapka naam mention hone par gobhi ji ka chehra utar jaata hai😂

@Drkf movie buff i am, last book i read was a Pratiyogita Darpan

@Drkf Hollywood preferably, Bollywood movies are predictable

@Nehr_who have you read Centenary edition on Nehru edited by shiela dixit ? OUP i think...

@Calspin a lot, Hum apke hai Kaun is my current fav. 😆

@Nehr_who discovery of India aur glimpses of world history ke baad kya likhne ka iraada hai

@Abuavanti Mercy Petition likhunga, shayad ek aur Bharat ratna Mil jaye

@Nehr_who how many pipes did you smoke for North India to be covered in smog?

@Nehr_who is this the same pipe that 'he who shall not be named' is using to toot his achievements?

@Nehr_who Science, Commerce, Arts, Engineering or WhatsApp ? 🤭

@Nehr_who Can you talk about how much effort goes into managing this account and how you make time for that?

@thecipherstory a lot, we have 3 4 people running the accounts, each wth diff thoughts

@Nehr_who was it true that you and Bal Narendra used to be BBF😉

@attitudes___ He used to smoke pot, effect of which can be seen in his speeches

@Nehr_who So the SGP protection for Gandhi family has been lifted. Your thoughts.

@Nehr_who what do you do/did apart from this ? Some one told me you're in late 30'-40s, is it true?

@Nehr_who What do you think is the biggest challenge in your fight against these right wing bigots & sold media?

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