So twitter locked my account, well well. That too without a reason

@Nehr_who may be because you ignored mastodon after creating an account - karma

@Nehr_who @st_in it has become pit of sanghi's secreta.

PS - i hope this toot is the dirtest criticism for bird site.

@Nehr_who Welcome to Mastodon!
Does Twitter need a reason... it is one of the most rational-less platforms today...

@Nehr_who At this point it is safe to assume that twitter india has been taken over by the government.

@Rajeshrohini i wonder, why wud they lovk my account i never did any communal or abusive tweet

@Nehr_who @Rajeshrohini
Answer to your question is this
"i never did any communal or abusive tweet"

@Nehr_who @Rajeshrohini maybe a birthday day gift to nehru - blocked and blamed everything even remotely connected to NEHRU

@Nehr_who You have misappropriated the name of a former PM... That's why

@Nehr_who why are you surprised? Government works overtime to kill free speech.

@Nehr_who with 1000+ followers don't matter. As activities from more sane voices pickup here, Twitter will soon become a past.

@Nehr_who now time to engage with mastodon and entertain us with ur sarcastic and awesome toots here. 😁

@Nehr_who happy birthday gift? We're here to read you, birdsite not know its limited powers. 😜

@Nehr_who I don't see why you continue to invest time into a platform that continuously does this to you and your friends.

@Nehr_who बड़े बेआबरू होकर तेरे कूचे से हम निकले।

@Nehr_who locked or suspended? Locked means they give the time count on when it will be restored

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